Valencia is the largest and most populated city in the entire Valencian Community. This coastal town of the east is on the banks of the famous Turia River and is a real hub for tourists and visitors, who walk the streets every day.

Parking in Valencia is quite complicated. Many of the Valencia car parks are regulated by the ORA. These are the blue and orange areas, which serve to ensure a more fluid mobility. The orange area is specially designed for residents, who have reduced fees and rates. Visitors will have to pay the corresponding ticket for a maximum period of two hours. The blue zone, however, does not make restrictions and also allows regulated parking for two hours.

The schedules of the blue zone in Valencia are really diverse, since they vary depending on the area of ​​the city. For this reason, it is very important to read the signs well before parking in Valencia.

If you want to move around the centre of Valencia, the most advisable thing is that you go to one of the parking lots that Parclick offers to avoid all the inconveniences that are caused in big cities. Parclick puts at your disposal a good number of parking lots, distributed throughout the Valencian district, in order to ensure a decent and effective service to all tourists and residents.

Public transport in Valencia

Something very positive in Valencia is that it is an Eco Friendly city, with more than 80 kilometres of bike lanes and a good service for renting urban bicycles with many points scattered throughout the city.

Also, getting around Valencia is very easy thanks to the combinations of urban bus, metro and tram. In this sense, tourists can acquire the Valencia Tourist Card, which, for a fixed price, allows you to travel in urban transport, enter several museums and monuments, as well as giving you some discounts for various services. This card can be purchased for one, two or three days and can always be extended.

Visit the capital of Turia

Valencia has more than 785,000 inhabitants, which makes it the third Spanish city in terms of population, behind Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, it is one of the touristic districts that receive the most visits annually. This happens because of the number of places of tourist interest that are in this city.

The south of Valencia has the famous Valencian Albufera that has an interesting history, since it does not belong to the capital, but was bought by the city council in 1911. The Albufera brings economic, cultural and ecological value to Valencia. In addition, it is the first natural park declared in the community.

The historic centre of Valencia is one of the largest in all of Spain and it is home to great relics of the monumental and historical heritage of the city. Among the must-see visits if you travel to Valencia would be the City of Arts and Sciences, the Miguelete, the Lonja de la Seda (which is a World Heritage Site since 1996), the Torres de Serranos, the Oceanografic and the most prestigious museums of Valencia, like the IVAM.

In addition, this city has hosted events of all kinds, internationally. And its most important festival, the Fallas of Valencia, is a colourful spectacle that turns heads on a very elegant city. Fun and leisure is felt in every street of the district in the month of March of each year.

If you are going to visit Valencia for tourism or for work, do not hesitate to book a parking lot with Parclick near your destination, so you do not have to worry about where to leave your car on your walk through the city.

Other places in Valencia

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