Florence is undoubtedly one of the most famous and loved cities of Italy. It is located in the central-northern part of peninsula, where it is the capital of the Tuscany region.

It is also the eighth largest Italian city by population, with about 400,000 inhabitants. Florence is considered as being one of cradles of civilisation, art and architecture. And thanks to its numerous monuments and museums it is also receives consideration as being one of the most beautiful cities of the world, besides having been declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. According to numerous historians, Florence is also the birthplace of Italian language through the poetry and works of Dante Alighieri, Petrarch and Giovanni Boccaccio, who all lived in this area.

Florence lies on the banks of the River Arno, which crosses the entire city, and it is surrounded by rolling hills that make the natural landscape really charming.

Florence's rich history has ancient origins, dating back to the Etruscan period, but it was during the Middle Ages and later centuries that the city reached its highest splendour in hosting numerous noble families who left us with a remarkable artistic and cultural heritage. Florence would also become the cradle of the Renaissance. It was here that arts flourished, and the greatest artists, thinkers, writers and world famous scientists met, giving life to the most wonderful works of art. Florence is the birthplace of the greatest figures of Renaissance, including none other than Leonardo da Vinci, who painted his Monalisa, here, and Galileo Galilei, Sandro Botticelli, Michelangelo Buonarroti, Raffaello, Niccolo Machiavelli to name just some.

It is an amazing city to visit and one of its kind, Florence is always crammed with tourists from around the world, who stroll about its streets and over the bridges of the old town, enjoying this wonderful Tuscan city. Just the sheer number of people, who at any time of the year choose to visit Florence can cause problems, especially if you opt to reach Florence by car.


Getting around and parking in Florence

Arriving in Florence by car is pretty simple given that the city is connected by the A11. However, your problems begin later, when trying to drive through the city's narrow streets to get as close as possible to its historical centre, that you realise there is a shortage of available parking spacesParking in Florence is in fact rather complicated, especially if you do not know the city well, not only because you can drive around unnecessarily even for several hours, but also because of the risk of error, for example take one of the many pedestrian  or closed to traffic streets, or by accidentally entering Florence's enormous Limited Traffic Zone (ZTL). The area affects the entire historical centre, which is therefore almost completely inaccessible by car. However there is a solution, and Parclick is here to show you how! 

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Florence is a city built on a human scale, so you needn't worry about not being able to use your car, given that the historical centre and the city's main points are perfectly accessible and within minutes of each other, and can be visited on foot from your parking space in Florence. Getting around Florence by car is complicated due to the city's urbanism, whose many small and narrow streets are difficult, if not impossible, to get through by car, especially if you are not used to doing so. There are also numerous pedestrian streets, inside and outside Florence's ZTL, which prohibit access by vehicle. Park in the centre of Florence to enjoy a hassle-free visit to the city. Moreover, with Parclick you can also find a parking space in Santa Maria Novella, the city’s main railway station, or at Pergola - Florence's Airport. Whatever the reason you need to park in Florence, Parclick gives you the best options at the most convenient rates!


Visiting Florence

If you arrive in Florence as a tourist, there are so many places and monuments that you can admire, given that every corner of Florence has a story to tell!

Among the city's main sights there's undoubtedly Florence's Cathedral, namely Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, whose famous dome was designed by Filippo Brunelleschi and in front of which there is Giotto's Bell Tower and the Baptistery of San Giovanni. Piazza del Duomo is the heart of Florence's historical centre , which is also home dozens of churches, monuments and piazzas, including Basilica of San Lorenzo, with the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (Laurentian Library) and the Medici chapels, the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo (Museum of the Works of the Cathedral), Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza della Signoria with Palazzo Vecchio and the Loggia dei Lanzi, the Church of Orsanmichele, Palazzo Strozzi and the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore

Florence's historical centre is also full of art galleries and interesting museums, such as the Bargello Museum, Dante's House Museum, Casa Buonarroti, Museo di San Marco, the Archaeological Museum of Florence, l'Ospedale degli Innocenti and the Galleria dell'Accademia, where you can admire the famous statue of David by Michelangelo.

In the heart of Florence there is also Italy's most important museum by number of annual visits: the Uffizi Gallery. Here you can admire the world's largest collection of works related to the Renaissance, whose most famous artists including Giotto, Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo, Titian and Botticelli.

Firenze Santa Maria Novella railway station is located in the city centre, just 10 minutes' walk from Florence's Cathedral, and a few metres from the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella.

Before crossing the Arno over the famous Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) to reach the Oltrarno district, there is one more thing to see on this side, and that is the famous Basilica of Santa Croce. In front of this magnificent church, there is the Monument to Dante from which you can access the Pazzi Chapel, a wonderful Renaissance building by Brunelleschi.

Once you cross the uniquely adorable Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge), you'll find yourself in the Oltrarno area, still a part of the historical centre of Florence. On this side of the river, you can visit Palazzo Pitti and Boboli's Garden, but also Forte Belvedere, the Basilica of Santo Spirito and the Church of Santa Maria del Carmine, which houses the Brancacci Chapel. If you want to take a long stroll in Oltrarno you can also reach Piazzale Michelangelo, a panoramic square  from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city from above. Not to be missed is also the Abbazia di San Miniato al Monte.

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Besides Florence being a beautiful city situated in a charming region: Tuscany, it is also surrounded by other beautiful cities such as Pisa, Siena, Lucca and San Gimignano all of which you can reach by train from Station of Santa Maria Novella. Book your parking space at Florence Santa Maria Novella with Parclick!

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