Seville is the city with the largest population of Andalusia, occupying the fourth place in Spain. The situation of traffic and parking throughout the city can be complicated. It should be noted that, in peak hours, the traffic is quite heavy, so it is advisable to have patience if you want to travel through the main arteries of the district.

As for the parking situation in Seville, it´s complicated for various reasons. It is important to know that the entire historic centre of the city of Seville has programmed street closures, several pedestrian zones and many restrictions to favour the residents of the area.

A large part of the parking possibilities in Seville are governed by the GES, the regulated car park, better known as the blue zone. In these types of places, you can park for a limited time and only after paying the corresponding ticket.

Key moments for the city, such as the April Fair or Holy Week in Seville, complicate the situation of parking and traffic in the area much more. For this reason, a good piece of advice is to reserve a parking space with Parclick before your trip. This way you can leave your car in a guarded car park without worrying about going around in the incessant search for parking. For this, Parclick has several car park options in Seville in different areas of the city, both in the historic centre and in the Santa Justa train station or Seville airport.

Something to keep in mind if you are travelling to Seville and looking for parking in the capital of Seville is the possibility of finding yourself with what the Spanish call a "gorrilla", like a warden. This figure predominates a lot in the most tourist areas. As a general rule, they are educated people with a low economic situation. But it is important that you give a tip to avoid misunderstandings.

Public transport in Seville

Seville has very good communications in terms of public transport services. You can choose between urban buses, the metro or the tram. In addition, the renting bicycles (SEVIci) in the district is an option to consider, since Seville has 77 kilometres of bike lane, which connect much of the most symbolic areas of the city. It is possible to acquire a short-term voucher for this service, which allows you to circulate with public bicycles for 7 days for approximately 5 euros. Booking parking in Seville with Parclick and moving around the city by bike is a great idea.

Tourism in Seville

Seville is a relatively large city, with a population of more than 690,000 inhabitants. Its old town is the largest and most striking in Spain. In addition, it has many historical monuments that are worth visiting. The Cathedral of Seville, with the Giralda, the Alcazar and the famous Archivo de Indias, have been declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

In addition, Seville offers all kinds of services and other points of tourist interest that must be visited, such as its basilicas and churches, the prestigious Gold Tower, the various parks, etc. Something very characteristic of the district is its port. In fact, it is the only seaport located in an inland city. In fact, the Guadalquivir River is fully navigable from San Lúcar de Barrameda to the Port of Seville.

Sevillian gastronomy is based on the greatness typical of Andalusian products, such as olive oil or Iberian ham. And, of course, this city is a good place to enjoy nightlife and the flavours of the earth. The leisure areas such as the Barrio del Arenal or the Alameda receive thousands of tourists and Sevillians continuously. Avoiding taking the car to these areas is a success, since parking is usually an impossible task.

Remember that Parclick puts at your disposal a wide range of parking lots in Seville that will make things easy for you to enjoy sightseeing and leisure without worries.

Other places in Seville

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