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Going to visit Seville during your trip through Spain could be one of the best decisions that you can make. Even if you are only planning to be in the Andalusian capital for a day, you will not regret making the journey. Seville is filled with culture and tradition, making a vacation in the city a quintessential Spanish experience. From the incredible architecture and cobbled streets to the flamenco flair, there is so much to see and do in this sunny southern destination.

Even though you cannot spend days or weeks enjoying Seville, you are in luck. The city is very well laid out, which means that many of the popular tourist attractions are located in the same vicinity. It is easy to do a quick tour of Seville; however, depending on how much you want to explore, your feet may be complaining by the end of the day.

Points of Interest

There are a few sights in Seville that you simply cannot miss. How could you go all the way to the capital of Andalusia for the day and not stop by the largest Gothic cathedral in the world? That´s right, the Cathedral of Seville holds this worldwide record for its size – not surprising when you discover that it has 15 doors and 80 chapels. Commonly known as the Cathedral of Seville, the full name of this massive building is the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the See. If you are from the United States, or are simply interested in history, you will be excited to learn that the Cathedral of Seville is the resting place for Christopher Columbus and his son, Diego. This religious site has seen it all since its completion in 1198, from many renovations and additions to the royal marriage of Infanta Elena of Spain to Jaime de Maricharlar.

You can spend a long time exploring the Cathedral of Seville, as it also claims the second tallest structure in the city with the Torre Giralda. Since you are already admiring the cathedral, you might as well take the time to climb up the bell tower and treat yourself to gorgeous panoramic views of Seville. If you are a fan of fruit, you will be enchanted by walking into the Patio de los Naranjos, or the Patio of the Oranges. The orange trees gently perfume the air with a citrus scent when they are in season.

The next must-see landmark is the Real Alcazar, a royal palace with ties to the Moorish Muslim kings. From the stunning archways and the patios and gardens, it is easy to see why this place was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. You may have even seen this incredible building before if you´ve watched the 2005 movie, Kingdom of Heaven, or the fifth season of Game of Thrones.

To complete your day, you can spend time strolling through every nook and cranny of Barrio Santa Cruz. This tourist district is easy to find, as it is the location of the Cathedral of Seville. You can see the Jewish influence in the district as you walk through the narrow and winding streets. The Santa Cruz section of Seville is also home to many beautiful plazas, including the Plaza de Doña Elvira and the Plaza del Triunfo, and stunning buildings, like the Palacio de Altamira and the Iglesia de Santa Cruz.


No journey to Seville is complete without catching a flamenco show. That’s why you decided to visit Seville, right? The best place in the city to see a traditional dance performance is the Casa de la Memoria. Located on Calle Cuña, the well-known establishment puts on performances each day. To make sure that you can see the show, it is a good idea to reserve tickets in advance through their website.  

If you are amazed by the city and want to somehow be able to remember the culture in your everyday life, consider taking one of the cooking classes offered. This way, you can learn how to make a delicious traditional Spanish dish. From now on, you will be the host of all the parties because your friends will always want to dine on Spanish cuisine.

If you are visiting Seville with young children, you absolutely need to include Isla Magica on your itinerary. The kids will be thrilled with Seville’s theme park, and you can make sure they sleep well that night by tiring them out with all the fun rides and activities.


A major part of travelling is experiencing a town’s culture through their typical food. Seville is no exception, and there are many restaurants you can choose from. To make sure you are really getting a traditional Sevillan dining experience, you should plan on eating at Palo Cortao, Bodeguita Romero, Arte y Solera or Salsitas. These establishments are well-known for their yummy traditional dishes.

If you need a pick-me-up to keep you going during your visit to Seville, grab a coffee at La Cacharreria. It is an excellent place for a cup of joe, breakfast pastries and natural juices. On the other hand, if you’re looking to make your sweet tooth happy, go to La Campana to find some of the best desserts in Seville. To cool off with some ice cream, the best location in the city is La Fiorentina.


If you want to feel like a local when you eat, you can always go to Seville’s marketplaces. The two most well-known in the city are the Mercado de Triana and the Mercado de Feria. You will definitely feel like you live in Seville when you go to either of these establishments to enjoy the delicious selections of food and stroll through the various stalls that sell anything from fruits and veggies to candies.  

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One day in Seville

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