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The Calle Sierpes is one of the most central and one of the busiest streets in the city of Seville. Its path goes from the Plaza de la Campana to the Plaza de San Francisco, where the Ayuntamiento is located. The street is especially known for the hustle and bustle created thanks to the great quantity of businesses, stores, bars and restaurants that make this street one of the main tourist attractions in the capital of Andalusia.

Another main attraction of this street is that it is only for pedestrian traffic. During the spring and summer, the street is filled with color from the rooftop terraces and awnings found throughout the way that protect visitors from the Sevillan heat. In fact, this street has its own legend that the name “Sierpes” comes from a gigantic serpent that lived in the sewers and devoured children until Melchor de Quintana y Argüeso killed it. Yes, well…everything seems cooler when there are legends.

And like the good pedestrian street that it is, you cannot drive in a car – such is life. But, look, we at Parclick always work to make life easier. Forget about doing circles and discovering the thousand and one close-by streets where you won´t find an empty parking space. Choose the better option: choose us and, with a quick online reservation that only takes two minutes, have a parking spot near the Calle Sierpes awaiting your arrival. Also, have the security of knowing that your vehicle will remain well-monitored in the car park.

Calle Sierpes

A fixture in the official Holy Week journey

The Calle Sierpes belongs to the Official Route of the Holy Week journey. It´s to say, there are a series of places through which the brotherhoods have their Penitence rituals during these dates. If you like the idea of getting to know the Holy Week celebrations in Seville, Calle Sierpes is one of the most indispensable places to experience this distinguished time.

However, if you are thinking of going to Seville during those dates, keep in mind the difficulties of dealing with the traffic and finding a place to park. We recommend that you go and take advantage of the Parclick directory of car parks in Seville.

With Parclick, you can reserve a parking spot near Calle Sierpes for as long as you need and avoid the mess of where to park a car in Seville with only a click.  

Points of interest near Calle Sierpes in Seville

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