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    SABA Estación Sevilla - Plaza de las Armas

    Outdoor (2m)
    1 min (58m)

    APK2 Arjona

    Covered (2.2m)
    2 min (148m)
    Parclick price

    APK2 Magdalena

    Covered (1.85m)
    8 min (494m)
    Parclick price

    AUSSA Mercado del Arenal

    Covered (1.9m)
    9 min (544m)

    SABA Plaza Concordia

    Covered (1.9m)
    10 min (582m)

    Paseo de Colón

    Covered (2.1m)
    10 min (594m)

    AUSSA Mercado de Triana

    Covered (2.2m)
    12 min (706m)

    MC Plaza de Cuba

    Covered (2.2m)
    23 min (1.4km)

    MC Avenida de Roma

    Covered (2.2m)
    24 min (1.4km)

    INSUR Cartuja

    Covered (2.2m)
    25 min (1.5km)

    INSUR Buenos Aires

    Covered (2m)
    26 min (1.6km)

    AUSSA José Laguillo

    Covered (2.1m)
    31 min (1.9km)

    SABA Macarena

    Covered (1.9m)
    34 min (2.0km)

    Aparcamiento Colegio San José

    Covered (2.1m)
    38 min (2.3km)

    Take & Go - Valet - Estación de Sevilla-Santa Justa

    Covered (2.74m)
    42 min (2.5km)

    INSUR El Mirador de Santa Justa

    Covered (2m)
    43 min (2.6km)

    SABA Estación Sevilla - Santa Justa (P1 / P3)

    43 min (2.6km)

    APK2 Lebreros

    Covered (2.8m)
    45 min (2.7km)

    INSUR Edificio Insur

    Covered (2.2m)
    50 min (3.0km)

    AUSSA Cisneo Alto

    52 min (3.1km)

Where to park in Holy Week in Seville

Holy Week in Seville is the largest celebration of the city. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come each year to enjoy an unforgettable week. Of course, as you can imagine, the city fills up and with it, the parking situation in Seville during those days is pretty complicated. You have to keep in mind that many streets near the center of the Spanish capital are blocked off for the Holy Week processions. Also, the historic center of the city, which is the largest in all of Spain, has many pedestrian only streets that do not permit access to certain vehicles. Finding street parking during Holy Week in Seville is practically mission impossible. The few streets that are not blocked off are saturated with vehicles. In addition, you run the risk of a procession needing to pass and a tow truck moving your car. The city of Seville is accustomed to regulating parking and traffic, and it is very strict during Holy Week. There are usually parking zones exclusively for motorcycles and, also, it is normal for the blue zone to be activated. However, the blue area doesn´t imply that it is easier to find parking – on the contrary, parking is more difficult in these sections. The most common aspect is that there are restrictions of accessing the center of the city, which is controlled by an ample number of police present.

To combat this situation, we offer you various solutions. For assistance with finding a place to park, Parclick shows you different options of car parks in Seville during the Holy Week celebrations.

  • If you are looking for a central parking space during Holy Week in Seville, Parclick suggests you look at parking decks near the San Vincente neighborhood. This area is one of the most central zones of the city.
  • An alternative for parking spots during Holy Week is to park away from the historic center, in Calle Léon XII and its surroundings. Walking towards the center only takes 15 minutes and you won´t have to deal with the traffic in the center of the city.
  • Finally, Parclick also has car parks in the Fontanal neighborhood, which is very close to the Santa Justa station.

Holy Week

A celebration of international tourist interest

From Palm Sunday to Easter, there will be 60 brotherhoods that wear images of Christ and the Virgin in a procession towards the Cathedral and you can enjoy all of the spectaculars during Holy Week in Seville.  These celebrations are alive with immense devotion on the part of Sevillans and the tourists that are found here.

In summary: it is a marvelous event in the Spanish city. Between sacred songs and silence, the brotherhoods complete their mission and carry the most extraordinary thrones through the narrow Sevillan streets. It is tradition to watch the Holy Week in Seville from balconies located in the historic center of the city. This celebration has been declared an International Tourist Interest for its great influence, being one of the most famous and attention-grabbing Holy Weeks in all of Spain. Find a car park in Seville that works best for your needs and reserve your parking space today with Parclick at the best price!

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