Visiting Bordeaux, discovering its history and heritage


Are you coming to visit Bordeaux? To organise your trip in the best way and so you don’t miss anything in this amazing city, read our recommendations about what to see and our advice for parking in Bordeaux at the best price!


Discovering Bordeaux


In 2007, Unesco declared Bordeaux as a World Heritage Site. Beautiful and full of surprises, Bordeaux has plenty for you to uncover!

Take a nice boat trip, relax by the Miroir d’Eau, stroll through the Jardin Public, visit the stunning Tour Pey Berland and explore Vieux Bordeaux (Old Bordeaux).

If you don’t know a good place to start your tour around Bordeaux, here is a selection of the places you simply can’t miss! In order to maximise your enjoyment on your Bordeaux day trip, remember that Parclick offers you the chance to book a car park in Bordeaux in advance at the best price.


Unmissable places and monuments in Bordeaux


  • The Miroir d’Eau

Located in front of Place de la Bourse, the Miroir d’Eau (Mirror of water) is truly impressive! This spectacular sight is the most photographed monument in Bordeaux, while only being 10 years old.

Made out of a giant plate of granite covered by 2cm of water, the Miroir d’Eau is an astonishing sight. When the weather is good you can dip your feet in the water and take a relaxing pause in this idyllic scene amongst the immense Place de la Bourse and Garonne buildings.

If you are looking to park near the Place de la Bourse in Bordeaux, so you can admire the Miroir d’Eau, we recommend our Bourse Jean Jaurè car park. This cheap parking is just two minutes’ walk from Place de la Bourse and the Miroir d’Eau.


  • The Grand Théâtre

The Grand Théâtre is undoubtedly the best known and most admired monument in Bordeaux.

Inaugurated in 1780, the Grand Théâtre is on the western side of Place de la Comédie with a peristyle made up of twelve Corinthian columns on top of which is an enormous balustrade decorated with 12 statues (9 muses and 3 goddesses).

The Grand Théâtre contains a restaurant, the Quatrième Mur, belonging to the famous chef Philippe Etchebest! If you are looking to eat here, make sure to arrive nice and early as it is not possible to book ahead.

Right next to the Grand Théâtre is Rue Sainte Catherine, one of the main streets for shopping in Bordeaux, with boutiques and shops to serve your every need!

If you want to get to the Grand Théâtre in Bordeaux, you should park near Place de la Comédie. Parclick has two very practical car parks in this area, at Tourny and Bourse Jean Jaurès, 4 and 6 minutes’ walk from the Grand Théâtre respectively.


  • The CAPC, Musée d’Art Contemporain de Bordeaux

With its Musée d’Art Contemporain, Bordeaux has offered one of the richest collections of art in France for the last 40 years.

Come and see the treasures this unique place has to offer, including the Lainé warehouse, an old colonial warehouse which gives an insight into the history of the port culture in Bordeaux.

If you have come to visit the CAPC, Musée d’Art Contemporain, in Bordeaux and you have come by car, know that there are a few options for where to park.

Parclick offers parking at Tourny (9 minutes’ walk), Bourse Jean Jaurès (10 minutes on tram C) and André Meunier (20 minutes on tram C).


  • The Quais Rive Gauche

The Bordeaux docks are one of the most beautiful urban heritage sights in the world, with some of the facades dating back to the 18th century and many belonging to buildings which have been classified as historical landmarks.

Renovated in 2000, the docks are now a place one can go to relax or go for a quiet walk, do some shopping or play some sport in one of the numerous parks and gardens, and you can even go skateboarding in the Parc des Sports des Saint Michel.

If you want to enjoy the Bordeaux way of life too, don’t hesitate to book your parking in advance.

Parclick especially recommends the Bourse Jean Jaurès, Tourny and André Meunier car parks.


  • The Tour Pey Berland and Cathédrale Saint-André

Cathédrale Saint André, located just around the corner from the Hotel de Ville, is the most beautiful religious building in the city. Separate from the cathedral is the bell tower, the Tour Pey Berland, from which the views of Bordeaux are unrivalled.

If you would like to visit the Cathédrale Saint-André and snap a photo of the Tour Pey Berland, you could park in our Tourny or Bourse Jean Jaurès car parks, both of which are only 10 minutes’ walk from Bourdeaux Cathédrale.


  • The Jardin Public

The Jardin Public is a little slice of countryside in the heart of the city. People of all ages go to the park to get their daily dose of nature, to see the ducks and swans and the little stream lined by beautiful long-standing trees.

A great way to escape the bustle of the city and pass your day immersed in wildlife in the middle of Bordeaux. You can leave your car at our Tourny car park which is only 10 minutes’ walk from the Jardin Public.


  • Saint Pierre, the historic district of Bordeaux

Found behind Place de la Bourse, Saint Pierre is considered the historical centre of Bordeaux. It is typical of Bordeaux and visitors can lose themselves in the picturesque streets, discover Place du Parlemente and the magnificent Porte Cailhau, and dine in one of the many little restaurants in the neighbourhood.

You can only visit Saint Pierre on foot so to maximise your enjoyment, book a parking space in our Bourse Jean Jaurès car park before you go!


  • Place des Quinconces

Place des Quinconces is one of the main squares in Bordeaux. Built in the 19th century where Trompette castle used to stand, Place des Quinconces is made up of a paved open area with a boulevard that gently slopes down towards Garonne to the north, and to the south there are some trees arranged in the quinconces style, which is how the square got its name.

The edges of the square are decorated with the Monument aux Girondins on one side and two great columns on the other.

The square covers an area of 12 hectares, making it the biggest square in France. For this reason, it hosts many shows, concerts and festivals, including Foire aux Plaisirs (a travelling fair), Foire d’Automne (flea market) and the Arlette Gruss circus.

Places des Quinconces is also a hub for Bordeaux’s tram line.

If you are looking for a car park near Place des Quinconces, we recommend Tourny and Bourse Jean Jaurès car parks, which are 5 and 8 minutes’ walk, respectively, from the square.


  • Gare Saint Jean

Bordeaux only has one train station; Gare Saint Jean. It is the biggest in the area and connects with Spain, Bacino d’Arcachon, Paris and many other cities around France.

If you are taking the train from Bordeaux, you will surely find our guarded car park near Gare Saint Jean very useful.

Parclick offers you parking just a few minutes’ walk from Bordeaux station at André Meunier car park. This low-cost car park is covered and under surveillance, so you can relax and just enjoy your trip.


How to move around Bordeaux


Exploring Bordeaux on foot

Bordeaux is a wonderful city to visit on foot. Therefore, it is advisable to leave your car in a car park while you are there. There are a few cheap and practical ones to choose from, we recommend Bourse Jean Jaurès, Tourny and André Meunuer.


To move around quickly, use the tram!

Bordeaux has an extensive tram network that makes it easy to get around the city a bit faster.

For investigating the city, we recommend lines B and C, that pass through the historical centre of Bordeaux.

To speed up the process, book a parking space in advance and buy a Tickarte for the appropriate amount of time. Parclick advises using the car parks at Bourse Jean Jaurès (close to line C), Tourny (on lines A, B and C) and André Meunier (line C).


Cycling around Bordeaux!

All over Bordeaux, and close to the tram stops especially, there are Vcub bike stations.

Thanks to these you can go on an unrestricted tour of Bordeaux.

Leave your car in a low-cost car park in Bordeaux and start pedalling!


Shuttles between the airport and the centre or the station in Bordeaux

Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is less than half an hour from the centre of town and it is very easy to get to using the shuttle buses.

Line 1+ is a high frequency service that connects the airport with Gare Saint Jean, it stops at various points, including in the centre of Bordeaux. Lianes 1+ runs 7 days a week between the hours of 04:45 and 00:40, or until 01:20 on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There should be a shuttle about every 10 minutes.

If you need to catch a flight from Bordeaux Airport, you can put your car in a car park before taking the bus!


Where to go out in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is a city full of life, there are many stadiums and concert halls, where sports fans (mostly football and rugby) and music lovers gather to appreciate their art. Parclick offers a few solutions for parking during one of these events:


The stadiums of Bordeaux


  • Matmut Atlantique

Matmut Atlantique stadium, or Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux, is home to Girondins football club and also hosts a few games for the rugby club Union Bordeaux Bègles since its inauguration on 18th May 2015.

Located in the Bordeaux-Lac district, Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux has a capacity of 42,000, making it the sixth largest in France. It was one of the venues during Euro 2016.

If you want to park near Nouveau Stade de Bordeaux and then use line C of the tram to get there. We recommend using our car parks at Bourse Jean Jaurès, Tourny and André Meunier.


  • Chaban-Delmas

Chaban-Delmas Stadium is another stadium in Bordeaux, located on Place Johnston. With a capacity just over 34,000 it is the 11th largest stadium in France.

It has been the home stadium of Union Bordeaux Bègles (UBB) since June 2015.

If you are going to a UBB match at Chaban-Delmas, you can leave your car in our car park situated along line A of the tram, which will take you to the stadium in a few minutes. In particular, we recommend our Tourny and Bourse Jean Jaurès, from which you can get to the stadium in about 20 minutes.


Concert halls


  • Patinoire Mériadek

Patinoire Mériadek is a very well-known spot in Bordeaux where you can go to watch an assortment of shows, concerts and ice hockey matches. They also give you the chance to skate on an Olympic sized ice rink.

Patinoire Mériadek has a multifunctional hall that can accommodate between 4800 and 7250 people and is the biggest in Bordeaux. Found right in the centre, very close to tram line A, it is easy to get to but it can be difficult to find parking nearby.

For this reason, we advise parking at Tourny or Bourse Jean Jaurès before taking line A to Patinoire Meriadek, a journey of about 20 minutes.


  • Rock School Barbey

Rock School Barbey is a not just a concert hall, but also a music school and a general ambassador for music.

The hall at Rock School Barbey seats 700 and hosts concerts from every genre (rock, pop, reggae, hip-hop etc.).

If you are going to a concert at Rock School Barbey, think about booking into a car park in advance, like André Meunier which is just 4 mintues’ walk from the concert hall!


The major events in Bordeaux


Bordeaux Fête le Vin

Every year in June the Bordeaux Fête le Vin, the first wine event in the French calendar, is held on the banks of the Garonne, a World Heritage sight, and invites lovers of food and wine to come together for 4 days of good eating and drinking.

In 2016 the festival celebrated its 10th birthday, employing the theme: Bordeaux, wine capital of the world. Is this something you might be interested in? Just remember to book your parking in Bordeaux as soon as possible!


Reggae Sun Ska Festival

Reggae Sun Ska Festival is the largest reggae festival in France. It takes place during August in the Passac-Talence-Gradignan area of the university.

If you are attending the Reggae Sun Ska Festival, park in a guarded car park and use line B to get to the university. Our car parks at Tourny, Bourse Jean Jaurès and André Meunier are very practical and make it possible to get to the festival in less than half an hour.


For all your trips to Bourdeaux, book your parking space with Parclick. Park with ease, benefit from our low prices and save money on parking in Bordeaux.