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    Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur Terminal 2 - P7 - Au contact

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    Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur - P9 - Économique

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    Easy Parking Aéroport - Extérieur - Nice

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    Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur Terminal 2 - G2 Au contact - Sécurisé

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    Aéroport de Nice Côte d'Azur Terminal 2 - P5 - Au contact

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Where to park in Nice

Nice: sightseeing and parking

The fifth largest city in Paris, Nice is at the centre of an agglomeration of almost a million residents, and is certainly worth a visit. In addition to its ancient origins (it was founded by the Greeks in ancient times), Nice is strategically located: it extends along Baie des Anges and is close to other popular tourist destinations such as Cannes or the Principality of Monaco. It is also possible to reach Italy with ease from Nice by taking the ‘Provençale’ AutoRoute.

If you are travelling to Nice by car, it is worth noting that Parclick can provide you with several car park options close to Nice’s city centre and at the airport as well. You will be able to book a car park space online with ease as a result, plan your trip and avoid any parking problems which occur in large cities.  Parclick guarantees you a safe, convenient and inexpensive parking space.


Getting to Nice without any problems

Whether you are arriving from the west (Marseille, Cannes) Italy, Nice is easy to get to. A8AutoRoute (also referred to as ‘La Provençale’) connects Aix-en-Provence to Menton. When it reaches the Italian border, it becomes AutoRoute E80 which continues as far as Gênes.

By driving along this motorway AutoRoute, you can also get to take advantage of your trip to explore the rest of the coast. It is worth noting that Parclick also provides cheap car parks close to Cannes, Marseille, Genoa – in addition to Savona between Nice and Genoa. You could also take advantage of our offers at Nîmes, Turin or Milan if you enjoy travelling by road. Visiting Côte d’Azur or northern Italy will be easy thanks to Parclick!

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Parking and car parks

Parclick provides several car parks in Nice, close to Vieux-Nice, and also close to the airport.

If you intend to make use of off street parking you actually risk facing a number of technical difficulties.

There are two parking zones in Nice: the yellow zone and the red zone. Parking during the daytime and at night (reduced rates for residents) is permitted in the former  (residential streets); in the red zone (shopping streets), parking is permitted from 9 hrs to 20 hrs.

Due to the difficulty of parking in  Nice, the city has implemented an effective  parking policy thanks to the application of the  Nice City Pass. Other car parks will allow you to park for free for an hour. On the other hand, parking in the same location for 24 hours is prohibited both for visitors as well as residents . In other words, if you are interested in a convenient parking space for a long period, your only option is private parking. Fortunately, Parclick provides secure and cheap car parks in  Nice, close to the city centre.  In addition, the two car parks in  Nice which we provide, Nicetoile and Gare de Nice – Thiers, are both open 24 hours, 7 days a week and both provide specific options.

If you live in Nice or in its environs and need to catch a flight from Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport, Parclick also provides several car parks close to the terminal. 


Exploring Nice

So there you are in Nice with your  vehicle safely parked! Where do you go next? Here are some ideas of monuments you can visit in Nice.


Some landmarks

This city is one of several founded by the Greeks in ancient times along the region currently referred to as Côte d’Azur. The Romans who ruled the Mediterranean at the time, took over the city and its surroundings in the second century B.C. For centuries, it experienced great turbulence due to its location on the coast and its closeness to territories such the kingdom of Savoy or Piémont-Sardaigne kingdoms.

Nice was finally made a part of France in 1860 . Today  ancient  museums and monuments tell the story of its turbulent history: Villa des Arènes  containing the archaeological museum (as well as  Musée Matisse), Palais Lascaris,  as well as Église Saint-Jacques-le-Majeur.  Other buildings are no longer in existence. These include  the fortress of Nice which was once located on the on the hill known as the castle (destroyed during a  siege in 1704).

Among the city’s numerous historical museums, you can also visit the Terra-Amata’s museum of human palaeontology (located on Mont Boron and focusing on prehistory), or Musée de la Résistance azuréenne.



Vieux-Nice  is the oldest part of Nice. It is a rather narrow area on the coast which however contains a wealth of monuments and activities. It is bordered by the port, Boulevard Jean-Jaurès, Place Garibaldi and by the quai des États-Unis to its south (extending promenade des Anglais). This zone is served by the tramline T1, through the stops Opéra – Vieille Ville, Cathédrale – Vieille Ville, as well as  Garibaldi Station a little further. Hence you can get to  Vieux-Nice with ease from two of our car parks close to Nice’s city centre: Nicetoile and Gare de Nice – Thiers, which are located close line T1. You can also walk from Nicetoile car park since it is less than 10 minutes away from Vieille-Ville.

It is a particularly attractive quarter.  You can admire the port and the Baie des Anges from it, or take a walk in  Colline du château park. There are also several religious buildings worth visiting such as  Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate (Place Rossetti), Chapelle de La Miséricorde or other churches, such as Saint-François-de-Paule, Saint-Martin-Saint-Augustin on Place Saint-Augustin. Last of all, there is also Opéra de Nice Côte d’Azur at the southern part of Vieux-Nice, which can be found literally a few steps from the beach.


Enjoy the seaside

Plage de Nice extends for 7 kilometres in the south of the city. There are actually no less than 20 public beaches and almost as many private ones.  You can particularly enjoy Plage Beau Rivage, Castel Plage and even Opéra Plage from  Vieux-Nice.

What’s more, you can also enjoy one of the most famous walkways in the world: we are certainly referring to Promenade des Anglais, which extends along the beach from Nice-Côte d’Azur airport to Vieux-Nice (extending Quai des Etats-Unis). Promenade des Anglais is central to celebrations such Carnival de Nice and you can go for a stroll there while enjoying the sunshine and Baie des Anges. There are also several attractions along the beach where you can take lovely pictures such as Pointe de Rauba-Capeu.

Port de Nice is also found literally at the edge of Vieux-Nice, opposite Place de l’Île de Beauté.


Monuments and parks in Nice to admire

Going for a walk in Nice’s streets is quite enjoyable.  You could actually discover place Saint-François, cours Saleya, Place Garibaldi, Place Masséna.

Many of the squares in the city date back to the 19th century, and in addition to the surrounding buildings you can admire several statues (such as the monument to Garibaldi). If you are a fan of boules you can also go to Place Arson close to Nice Port where you can follow several games.

Are you a fan of culture ? Visit the various museums available in the city.  One of the most well-known is the Musée Matisse which is located in Cimiez’s Villa des Arènes (the old Gubernatis Palace) just like the archaeological museum; this museum possesses an impressive collection of paintings created by Matisse. Marc Chagall’s national museum is also located in Cimiez quarter. Musée des Beaux-Arts, Musée des Arts Asiatiques, as well as several other museums dedicated to history and art are also worth visiting. Last of all,  there is also Nice’s natural history museum  (close to Place Garibaldi) which is dedicated to marine life.

In addition, Nice and its surroundings actually contain several castles. You can notably visit Fort du Mont Alban, a well preserved fortress which dates as far back as the 16th century as well as Château de l’Anglais one of the ‘follies’ in Nice’s surroundings.

Last of all, mont Boron’s park is a wonderful destination for anyone out on a stroll. It reaches a peak at almost 200 metres from which you can enjoy an excellent view of Baie des Anges and Colline du château de Nice


Events in Nice

The fact that Nice is a rather dynamic city means it is possible to attend  wide range of events all year round especially:

  • Carnaval de Nice (February), notably celebrated on Promenade des Anglais where it attracts thousands of people each year ;
  • Foire de Nice, in the Palais des expositions – situated between the Avenue du Maréchal Lyautey and Boulevard Jean-Baptiste Vérany ; this exhibition centre also hosts the  Luna Park funfair, or sports competitions (including basketball and figure skating) ;
  • Nice Jazz Festival, which as its name indicates focuses on jazz (although other genres of music have recently begun to be featured) in  Jardin Albert 1er ; this annual festival  has taken place each July  from 1971.

You can also enjoy Septembre de la Photo, Nuits musicales de Nice, Samain du cinéma fantastique de Nice… and of course football fans will be able to attend matches at Stade Allianz Riviera. It is worth noting that  if you are interested in parking for a match or a concert at  Stade Allianz Riviera, Parclick provides several car parks close to Nice’s city centre and also close to the airport from which you can easily take a shuttle to the stadium.

If you would like to park in Nice, Parclick provides several inexpensive  and really convenient car parks.

Gare de Nice – Thiers car park is located beside Nice-Ville station, and is the perfect place in which to park your car before catching a train. It is also suitably placed for taking a bus to Alliance Riviera stadium or tram T1 to Vieux-Nice. Nicetoile car park is close to Jean Médecin tram station, from which you can get to place Masséna, jardin Albert 1er and Nice’s Vieille-Ville directly.

Do you have to get to Nice-Côte d’Azur Airport? You have nothing to worry about, Parclick provides several inexpensive car parks close by. Click here to find information on car parks close to Nice airport.

Do not wait until car parks get filled especially during an event in Nice: book your parking space right away in one of our cheap car parks in Nice!


Other places in Nice

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