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Where to park in Santiago Bernabéu Stadium

If I said Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, what would you think of? Surely the first words that pop into your head are soccer and Real Madrid, but there is so much more to explore in this soccer temple.

If you’re planning on catching a game while in Madrid, the best thing you can do is to reserve your parking space in advance, due to the many other attractions around the stadium. In a place where you can barely walk with the other 90,000 people going to see the team play, decide what price you are willing to pay. Parclick makes it easy by not only guaranteeing you a parking spot, but also guaranteeing the safety of your vehicle. This security and ease is something that serves you well, no matter the time, and helps you avoid the parking restrictions around the city, or SER.

On the contrary, if you’re going to see Real Madrid in a League, Cup or Champions League game, we recommend that you go early and enjoy walking around one of the biggest stadiums in the world. Although you can reserve a prime parking spot with Parclick, the police close many of the access points, which creates lots of traffic and complicates getting to your garage.

Also, with the Parclick platform, you can either find parking spots that are extremely close to the soccer field or search for places that are further away but at a lower price. Whichever one you choose, be cautious of the closed streets. 


A Soccer Temple

The Santiago Bernabéu Stadium first opened on December 14, 1947. Since then, it has become a meeting place for the white fans and the Real Madrid players. The stadium has lived through a mountain of successes and has seen the valor of players like Ronaldinho, who received a standing ovation while wearing the Barcelona jersey, Madrid Real’s worst rival, and for years has been one of the most respected moments in soccer for fans of the sport.

The stadium is located in the famous Chamartín neighborhood, which has a lot of attractions, especially with the close by train station from which you can walk (keeping in mind that the distances in the capital are only for the brave). The stadium has held 4 Europe Cup finals and the World Cup of 82.

One of the tourist attractions that the stadium offers is the Bernabéu tour through the museum where there are just a few trophies (kidding, there are a lot). The most striking aspect of this place is that the stadium is a clear example that soccer inspires the masses. Year after year, Bernabéu is listed as one of the top 3 most visited museums in Madrid, in competition with the Prado Museum, the Thyssen Bornemisza Museum and the Queen Sofia Museum.

During May through August, there is a break between soccer finals. The Bernabéu hosts concerts where the ching ching of money resounds in the arcs of Real Madrid and the crowds enjoy music in a setting without compare.

Taking advantage of the appeal of the stadium, many local eateries are located in the vicinity. Besides Fridays, Burger King or VIPs, you can enjoy some of the best restaurants in the city. There are even restaurants within Bernabéu, like the Zen Market, La Esquina or Puerta 57, where you will dine with the field in the background.

Close to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, you can visit the National Auditorium of Music or you can party it up in one of the many dive bars with great atmospheres. Enjoy the surroundings and be assured that your car is well-cared for at a monitored parking deck. If you choose Parclick, your stress of finding a parking spot in Madrid will vanish. We’re not making it up, looking for a parking deck is an infuriating experience. Bet on Parclick and you will thank us!

Santiago Bernabéu Stadium