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Where to park in La Latina

The most authentic Madrid, the one of beer and tapas, the one of dancing until you drop, the best themes of Alaska, The G Men or The Secrets and the taste of what remains of the Movida Madrileña, is in the La Latina neighborhood. It is one of the most animated districts of Madrid, but it is difficult to access by car because of the narrow streets. Due to this challenge, we at Parclick invite you to get to know the neighborhood and we assure you that you can leave your car in good hands in a trustworthy parking deck.

Also, if your plan is to enjoy a crazy night and to get lost on the streets of Madrid without a worry as to when the sun comes up, you don`t have to think about your car. We offer you a parking spot that is custom-made to fit the hours you need.

If you decide to get to know La Latina, keep in mind that apart from an interesting night out, the neighborhood also offers many other attractions. In the Cebada Market, you can find the most characteristic food of the capital and you can drink your first beer of the day in one of the modern take-away places in the area. This Austrias region of Madrid is also pretty to see by taking a stroll, especially since it is located a stone´s throw away from the Plaza Mayor and the Puerta del Sol, two characteristic sites of the city that you need to include in your agenda.

If you don´t enjoy partying, La Latina provides other alternative activities in the nights. A theater with the same name as the neighborhood is one of the most important theaters in Madrid and in its billboard, you can find amazing shows, moving works and fun musicals.

Shopping and parties across La Latina

Without a doubt, one of the best attractions in La Latina is El Rastro. This huge street market is set up on Sundays and has a tradition over 400 years old of the having robberies in the zone, so walk with caution and keep an eye on your belongings. With the years, the market has adapted to the times and here you can find the freakiest posters that you can imagine, giving you a perfect solution for that gap in your room that you don´t know how to fill.

Also, you can walk around from stall to stall while devouring a calamari sandwich and listening to the street bands in the background that bring life to Sunday mornings in Madrid. Enjoy all of this without worries, because at Parclick, we assure you that before you leave your house, you can choose the best parking spot at the price you want and you can leave your car parked there.

In August, La Latina hosts one of the most traditional parties in Madrid, the celebration of the Virgin of the Paloma. The Madrilenians are dressed in the traditional garb of chulapas and chulapos and you will ask yourself, Where are they going with a Manila shawl? Of course, they are going to the joyful chotis dances in the plazas of the capital! Without a doubt, you can watch this dignified spectacle without worries and with your car well looked after in a monitored parking deck in La Latina that you had reserved with Parclick.   

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