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Where to park in Plaza Mayor

You don´t have any excuses not to visit one of the most magical places in Madrid, Plaza Mayor. If you are confused about the driving and parking situation, Parclick is your solution to park before you arrive.

The capital of Spain is one of the nicest cities to walk around and the old zone, where Plaza Mayor is located, is a place to lose yourself, to discover each corner and to soak up the mysterious and multicultural city.

To make the most of your experience in the Austrias region of Madrid and to not miss out on anything, don´t waste your time with the challenges of finding parking in this zone. The Residential Priority Areas (APR) can lead to a fine (there are places in which only residents can park their vehicles and if you do it, you will get a ticket). At Parclick, we propose an easy solution to leave your car. You can have a guaranteed parking spot and your car will be looked after in a monitored parking deck for as long as needed, whether it be a couple of hours or a few days. You can forget yourself and become bewitched by this city, while listening to Joaquín Sabina in her song dedicated to Madrid that could very well be the soundtrack of your visit, “Pongamos que hablo de Madrid.”

Speaking of Madrid, the location of Plaza Mayor will allow you to get to know its grand corners without worries. If you want to drink a beer in one of the most traditional places, you can go to La Latina or the San Miguel Market, where the drink will be accompanied with the most typical plates of the capital. Don´t miss out on the opportunity to visit the center of the city, the kilometer 0 of Spain. Puerta del Sol is an option located only a few meters from Plaza Mayor, where each year, the crowds say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new. In contrast, if you enjoy nature and traditional buildings, the Oriente Plaza and the Palacio Real will be highlights of your visit. Since you are in the area, you can take a glance at the Real Theater and enjoy the Isabel II Plaza. Through Parclick, you can choose how much time you will spend getting to know this section and your car will be kept safe in a trustworthy parking deck.

Journey to the past with more style than Marty McFly

In Plaza Mayor, you will feel like the protagonist of Return to the Future and each street, each sculpture and each corner of Madrid will seem like they are from a different age. However, don´t think that you have gone crazy or that the drink you just had went to your head, it is simply the magic of Madrid that bewitches you the most in this section of the city, known as the Austrias.

You will also get to know a stranger side of Madrid by walking with Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh and Dora the Explorer. Pay special attention to a street artist dressed as a goat, as the sight is most unsettling.

Enter the plaza through the incredible Cuchilleros Arch, take a photo with the impressing façade of the Casa de la Panadería and go crazy over the majesty of the statue of Felipe II on horseback. It is something that you cannot miss, so avoid rush hours or you will have to dodge more people than at a summer festival.

Finally, don´t forget to enjoy the most typical food of Madrid, like a good calamari sandwich. If it is the winter, look for a stall with roasted chestnuts and enter the warmth of the Christmas Marketplace, where you will have to show off your haggling abilities with the venders. If it is the summer, avoid the heat in one of the terraces of the Plaza and cool off with a drink, as August in Madrid is very difficult.

You will not have to worry about your car because at Parclick, we take your worries away by finding you a parking space in a monitored parking deck for as much time as you need while you enjoy a relaxing latte in Plaza Mayor.  

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