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Where to park in Palacio Real (Royal Palace)

The most attention-grabbing part of a royal movie is not the final kiss with the promise of eternal love, but rather the amazing palaces where everything happens. The endless halls with infinite dining rooms that compete with the entrance halls for the best place to play a game of indoor soccer. Basically, palaces that are only seen in movies. But you can feel like a protagonist of one of these films in Madrid. Yes, you heard correctly. The Palacio Real is open to the public and you are allowed to get to know it first hand, making you feel like royalty going about your everyday life.

On the other hand, if your plan does not include visiting the inside, the façade is without a doubt impressing and you can daydream in the gardens surrounding the palace. They are an oasis in the middle of Madrid and you only have to jostle with the many pigeons that habitat the gardens. If you bring corn, you can peacefully walk around and live like you are inside of a movie.

The Palacio Real is one of the must-see sights if you are visiting or live in Madrid, but you have to think about whether or not to drive since the Palace is located in a Residential Area zone (APR), where you will get a ticket if you drive around and without being a resident of the area. To combat this obstacle, Parclick offers you the opportunity to pick whichever parking garage strikes your fancy, for however long you need it, with only a click of a button. You don´t only get to park your car before you arrive, but you also have the security of leaving your vehicle in a monitored parking space.  

You will be a king

Right next to the Palacio Real, the Almudena Cathedral, of the Catholic faith and the head of the archdiocese of Madrid, stands tall. However, we will get to the point as you´ve read the title that you will be a king and you´re dying for us to explain that claim. When you enter the Cathedral, you won´t just contemplate the architectural work of art in the Neo-Gothic traditional style, but also you will be walking where the King and Queen of Spain walked when they got married. And I am referring to the current royal family, Felipe VI and Letizia, not Juan Carlos and Sofía, who got married in Greece.

You can also feel like a king of the seas, since a few meters from the Palacio Real is the Manzanares River. Although not an enormous or fast-flowing river and the smell isn´t always great throughout the year, it still gives you the feeling of being a king. In addition, you can feel like the king of parties as the Sala Riviera, one of the most historic lounges in Madrid, is located on the banks of the river. If you are lucky, you can watch concerts with first-rate artists.

Don´t forget that if you want to have an unworried mood and enjoy the day without any problems or burdens, the best option is to find available parking that you can reserve beforehand for as long as you need. With Parclick, you only have to spend two minutes making the online booking and with that, what else do you need to do to feel like a king of the world?     

Palacio Real (Royal Palace)