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Where to park in Prado Museum

There are two types of people: tourists from all over the world who arrive in Madrid looking forward to visit the Prado Museum and certain Madrilenians who have never entered because, “well I can always go next week.” Or, “It´s just that I´m not going today because it´s hot/cold/raining/there´s a sandstorm.”

Parclick offers you a little help for when you say, “Today is the perfect day!” and, with a few clicks, you can find a monitored parking deck near the Prado Museum.

One of the reasons why utilizing Parclick is a good idea is that the museum is located on the Paseo del Prado, a pretty wide boulevard with scarce parking spots and with blue and green parking zones. In other words, these are mandatory pay zones where you can only leave your car parked for two or four hours, and when they end, you have to move your car.

Of course, it all depends on your love of art and how long you think you´ll be inside the halls of the Prado. To make sure you don´t feel hurried, our recommendation is that you reserve a parking space with Parclick.

Look at the map, indicate how long you want a reservation and we guarantee you an available parking spot as soon as you arrive. This way, you eliminate the stress that comes with finding a parking deck in the center of Madrid, which is, above all else, a tourist hot spot with the Atocha Station, the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum and the Queen Sofía Museum.

One of the most visited art galleries in the world

The National Prado Museum started in 1819 and rapidly converted into one of the most important and most visited museums in the world.

If you are Goya´s number one fan, or if you could literally spend hours in front of Las Meninas by Velázquez (yes, there are people who do that!), then the Prado´s collections will captivate you.

There are more than a thousand works of art to see in the museum, from artists like MurilloEl GrecoRiberaRubensTiziano and El Bosco.

Here, you can admire the history of Spain through art, since many of the paintings are a faithful reflection of the tastes of the country´s royalty.

To see each and every one of the works, you will need to plan to visit the museum for a few hours. However, if you are only interested in one specific collection and you think that you don´t want to pay the admission price, then we have some advice for you.

The Prado Museum opens each day from 10:00 to 20:00 Monday through Saturday and from 10:00 to 19:00 Sundays and festival days. Every day during the last two hours before closing, the museum is free.

Also, the Prado Museum is not simply for art. Sometimes there are concerts, conferences, screenings and theatrical productions, among other events. In addition, there are generally education programs to disseminate the history of art.

If your car is perfectly parked in one of our parking spots near the Prado Museum, after the visit, you can take your time getting to know the area or rest and relax in the nearby Retiro Park.

You can go search the available parking spots in Parclick and book your space in the center of Madrid. Now, you don´t have any excuses, so go visit the Prado Museum! 

Prado Museum