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Where to park in Debod Temple

The Debod Temple of Madrid is an original work of Ancient Egypt. It stands next to the West Park, in one of the most characteristic zones of the Spanish capital. The famous Plaza de España is very close to this architectural and cultural work of art. If you are looking to park near the Debod Temple, we can help you.

If you are going to visit this over 2,000 –year-old historic monument, we advise you that it is located in one of the regulated parking areas of Madrid. The best option is to reserve a parking spot near the Debod Temple to avoid the crowds and traffic jams that are due to the difficulty of finding an available spot. Also, it should be noted that the central street of Madrid can suffer from traffic cutting programs that were started to solve the problem of emerging contamination.

Nevertheless, at Parclick, we want to give you a series of available parking decks so that you enjoy your visit to Madrid. Keep in mind that parking in the green zone only allows you to leave your car for two hours, or you have to be a resident and show a card to identify yourself. On the other hand, the blue zone permits four-hour parking, but you will pay the prices that are customary for madrileño parking services. If you exceed the time limit or you don´t have the residence card, the fines are pretty high. For this motive, if you are going to drive, you can opt to book a parking space online with Parclick at the best price.  

Its unveiling in Spain dates back to 1972

This ancient Egyptian building came to Madrid as an offering from the Egyptian authorities to thank Spain for its help in saving the Nubia temples. In 1968, UNESCO made an international call to save these historical monuments from the construction of the Aswan dam. Egypt donated a total of four temples that were saved by the collaborating countries. In its spot in Madrid, the Debod Temple is located in exactly the same position as the original, looking from east to west.

It is said that this temple is dedicated to the god, Amón of Debod, and the goddess, Isis – although there is some controversy between historians on this point. Nevertheless, this theory is the strongest that exists. Originally, the temple was in Debod City, on the shores of the Nile River in the southern region of Egypt. Its construction dates back to the 2nd century A.C., meaning the temple is over 2,200 years old. King Adijalamani of Meroe ordered its construction, incorporating a chapel dedicated to the previously mentioned gods.

In 1960, the Spanish architect, Martín Almagro Basch, created a group called the Spanish Committee to save the Nubia Temples. Due to the tremendous labor of the group in safe-guarding these monuments, Egypt donated one of them to Spain. The temple arrived in parts and its reconstruction lasted two full years, until its unveiling on July 18, 1972. The Debod Temple is one of the obligatory places to visit if you go to Madrid, and in the vicinity, you will have immeasurable views of the city. It is also very close to commercial zones, like Gran Vía, and other points of interest in the capital, like the Palacio Real or the Plaza de España. To have a peaceful visit to the monument, we recommend that you reserve your parking space with Parclick, to have all of the security and price guarantees.      

Debod Temple