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Where to park in La Latina Theater

The La Latina Theater of Madrid is located in the neighborhood of its namesake. To visit this characteristic cultural space of the Spanish capital, you should head towards the Cebada Plaza, a well-known place in the city.

Beatriz Galindo, “La Latina,” is who gave the name to both the theater and the famous madrileño neighborhood. She was a renowned and well-known author and humanitarian of Salamancan origin. They say that this Castellanian author was born around 1465, although the exact dates are not very clear and some historians date her birth before.  

The La Latina Theater was a work by the architect Pedro Muguruza, who constructed the building at the beginning of the 20th century in the lands of an old hospital. The first idea was to create a movie theater, but finally, the work was adapted into a specialized theater for the comedy and Spanish variety show genres. Through its halls, many of the most characteristic artists of the 20th century have passed.

The La Latina Theater holds a capacity of over a thousand people. Without a doubt, it is a unique space for the best shows of the moment to live. You can buy your tickets for the theater through the designated online websites.

In honor of Beatriz Galindo

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La Latina Theater