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Where to park in Sabatini Gardens

The Sabatini Gardens of Madrid form a complete public park, located in front of the north façade of the famous Real Palace of the Spanish capital. It is a wide and well-tended garden that dates back to the 30´s.

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In honor of Francesco Sabatini

The Sabatini Gardens in Madrid form a spacious public garden that faces one of the walls of the Real Palace. To visit it, you can go towards the Calle Bailén in the capital.

In total, there are more than 2.5 hectares of the public park. Its construction dates back to the 30´s, right after Spain proclaimed the Second Republic. The park received its name from the architect, Francesco Sabatini, who constructed the antique horse stables of the Real Palace, the place which now the famous Sabatini Gardens are located.

In the year 1972, the park was remodeled completely, permitting the construction of the emblematic monumental style stairs, which can be traversed today.

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Sabatini Gardens