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The United States Embassy in Spain is located in Madrid, specifically on Calle Serrano, at number 75. It is easily identifiable by the strong security measures seen at the door (it is the USA, what do you expect) and because there are usually two police vans parked right next to the building.

If you are going to travel to this country and especially if it is to work, then surely you´ll be makign a trip here. If not, it will always just be a building that you see from the outside since you can´t visit the inside of the embassy. Remarkably, it is a good meeting point to go to other areas of Madrid. One of the most appetizing places in the area is Dani García´s restaurant: BiBo, an Andalusian chef with two Michelin stars.

The great location of the United States Embassy contrasts with the difficulty of parking your car in the area. In the middle of Serrano, it is impossible to leave your vehicle…mainly because there are no spaces, so you can search in nearby streets. Or if not, use Parclick and look on the interactive map for a car park to leave your car in…at the price you want to pay for the place you want to park.

The United States Embassy

A street to dominate them all

In The Lord of the Rings, the unique ring of power was the most sought-after of the saga and all the characters wanted it in one way or another. You could say that the unique ring of The Compulsive Buyer is Calle de Serrano. In this long avenue you will find the most exclusive boutiques of the most 'trendy' brands and there are also shops like Zara, El Corte Inglés or Mango - more affordable for your pocket. The sales can be compared to any of the battles in which Frodo, Gandalf and co were involved in the famous trilogy.

If you are going to look for a car park in the area you will be embarking on a more complicated adventure than entering Mordor. Not only is it regulated by the SER (Regulated Parking Service of Madrid) and divided into blue and green areas, but with the number of cars and traffic lights you can waste hours roaming around Serrano and the vicinity.

Your best option to park near the US Embassy is Parclick; with an online reservation that will take you two minutes you will park before you have arrived. In addition, you will be the one who chooses where to park your car and for as long as you would like, whether it is a short or long stay.

Points of interest near United States Embassy in Madrid

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