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Where to park in Chueca

If there is a place where it is impossible to not have fun, it´s is the Chueca neighbourhood of Madrid. This area of ​​the capital located on one side of Gran Vía is also the best LGBT neighbourhood, where beside a tonne of beers, it is the ideal place to get to know colourful Madrid and at the same time a neighbourhood in which integrity and equality is celebrated.

In fact, one way or another, millions of tourists visit this area of ​​the capital every year, where the most difficult thing is to find someone who speaks Spanish, because there are so many who end up staying and shaping the melting pot of cultures that exists in Chueca. But do not worry if your culture isn´t English, as everyone understands gestures.

One of the most characteristic aspects of this neighbourhood are its narrow streets, where you will find the most fun places and where you will find your ideal place to have a drink. The only thing that is not cool about this neighbourhood is how difficult it is to get around here, so the best option is for you to do it by foot and leave your car in a nearby car park. To do this, in Parclick we offer you to make an online reservation in which you choose the parking that best suits you, to leave your vehicle and to enjoy the best atmosphere of Madrid.

Keep an eye out! Do not forget the road obstructions that are usually found in the capital, check before approaching. As an option, you can always find a parking spot in Parclick at a train station and go near to Sol, which is about a five-minute walk from Chueca and we can fix your afternoon. In addition, expect that your car will be well monitored and that you can choose from a wide range of prices.

Gay Pride: the most symbolic party in Madrid

Chueca is one of the best places to party in the world and it does not matter what time you go because there will always be carnage on the streets. But there is a date when the party goes up another level, that´s during the celebration of the Gay Pride.

This celebration is to support the integration of the LGBT community around the world. Both the objective and the party get better each year. It is true that if you don´t like big crowds it is best to avoid Madrid around this time, because the capital is jam packed, but what is undeniable is that it is the best celebration of the year and Chueca is the main focus.

Our main recommendation if you are going to support Pride is that you get a good parking space during the time you are in Madrid and forget your car so you can get yourself to the party. In Parclick we guarantee the safety of your car during the whole time you want to leave it and we offer you an endless number of car parks to choose from and the chance to choose the price that best suits you.

Beyond Pride

So...Pride isn´t the only great thing in Chueca! In this neighbourhood you can also find the Mercado de San Antón, a market where you can find the best of Spanish cuisine and also all kinds of exotic food. In addition, it is a building that also makes you fall in love with its layout. Do not forget to visit places with as much charm as Calle Hortaleza or Plaza del Rey.

We remind you that if you go to Parclick you can book a car park in Chueca to avoid the headache of finding parking in Madrid. If you do not even want to get into Chueca, because you are overwhelmed by the narrow streets you can always book in another parking lot in the city centre or near your accommodation and move around the capital by public transport. The metro stop Chueca is perfectly connected through line 5. Now all you have to do is enjoy this spectacular neighbourhood and one of the best spots of Pride in Madrid.