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Where to park in Plaza de España

The Plaza de España (Spanish Plaza of Madrid) is the ideal place for deciding what to do for a day in the capital. You can choose between going to the Austrias region of Madrid and visiting the oldest part of the city, passing by the West Park and the Argülles and Moncloa zones, or going up the Gran Vía and partying in Chueca or Malasaña.

Besides all the close by attractions, don´t forget to look at the plaza, where you can sit on a bench and read, breathe a bit of fresh air or feed the birds. Right in the center of the plaza, there is a statue of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza, who appear in a crazy narrative, with whom you can discuss military books and windmills.

The plaza is very well connected to the rest of Madrid, thanks to its Metro stop with connections to lines 3 and 10. Getting to this point in a car is not a problem, but trying to find a parking spot is difficult. You can spend an hour slowly circling just to leave your car in a blue or green zone, which have time limitations on parking. A better idea is to decide how much you are willing to pay and where you want to leave your vehicle by making a booking online with Parclick. It will only take two minutes and you can choose between many options in the interactive map.  

One of the benefits of the location of the Plaza de España is that if you are visiting Madrid by car (which can be a headache if you decide to drive in Gran Vía), it is not a bad idea to leave your vehicle parked here and start your tour of the capital. With Parclick, you can choose how much time you want to leave your car in a parking garage.

If you have returned from your adventure and still have some free time, you should get to know two of the most enchanting parks in Madrid. One is the Debod Temple, where an Egyptian temple that was given as a gift to Spain is located just a few meters from the Plaza de España. The other site is West Park, a gigantic green space that started as the Moncloa transfer station and is the regular meet up place for large groups of runners.

Don´t forget that the best way to enjoy the enchantment of Madrid is to park your car and use the Metro or give your calves a workout and get to know the city from a different perspective, because driving can be a real nightmare. Be assured by parking in a monitored parking garage with Parclick and make an online reservation so you can park before you arrive. Don´t waste any time and look at our interactive map.   

Plaza de España