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Where to park in Chamartín

The Chamartín district is one of the best known in Madrid and where one of the most important train stations is in the city. In addition, here you can also find a Metro stop that will take you to Plaza de Castilla, from where a large number of buses depart throughout the capital and nearby towns.

From this important station in Madrid there are Cercanías trains, medium distance and a small offer of long distance AVE trains. This is why it is usually a place where leaving the car for a while is likely. In Parclick we offer you the possibility of leaving your car parked and well guarded during the time that you want by using an online reservation in just two minutes.

If your plan is to have a good time rather than going there for the train service, Chamartín also offers you a large number of plans for the area. First of all, if you walk around here, you can get to know the culture of Madrid. You can forget about the car and find some great gambling dens. With Parclick you can book your parking space online in just two minutes and choose the one that best suits you both by price and proximity.

But if you want to be educational, there's the Museum of Natural Sciences, a place where you can get to know the world around us. If music is your thing, do not miss out on the National Music Auditorium, which is also in Chamartín.

Also, do you love football? Then you´ll probably come to Chamartín to visit the Santiago Bernabéu, an authentic temple of sport.

As Madrid grows, the Chamartín district becomes an important part of the growing city. And now, not only is it the most important but it is not at all far from the centre of Madrid, which changes things. The neighbourhoods that you´ll find there are El Viso, Ciudad Jardín, Nueva España, Prosperidad, Hispanoamérica and Castilla.

It is a neighbourhood with many hotels, so if you come from elsewhere, as well as affordable, it is one of the usual choices. If you choose to park in the area, leave the house with your reserved space thanks to Parclick. It will take you only two minutes online and will free you from fighting with other drivers for the desired free spaces in Madrid, because in this case there is very little prey and many predators. ;)

In Chamartín the easiest thing is to park in private car parks, since in this area everyone knows about the traffic. The Chamartin station is very close and, in addition, here you´ll also find one of the largest financial districts of the capital, Las Cuatro Torres. That's why the mix of people is impressive. Every day tourists are seen on its streets, looking for the perfect image to upload to their social network profiles, together with women and men in suits going to their business meetings. And don´t forget the number of people arriving to take a train from the station! Choose Parclick and choose the garage that you like best at the price that best suits you.