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Car parks near Almudena Cathedral

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Where to park in Almudena Cathedral

The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid is located in the historic centre of the capital. Here parking restrictions are very common, through regulated parking in Madrid (abbreviated and named the SER in Spanish), to help growing pollution issues. It is important to note that the Madrid city council can prohibit movement in any area of ​​the city due to the significant pollution rate. In these cases, only vehicles of residents can travel in the area in question. However, parking in the centre of Madrid is a difficult task. This is because free parking is very scarce and, as a general rule, the parking spaces are governed by the SER. These types of spaces are usually divided into the green zone - intended for residents and the blue zone – for all vehicles. In the green zone, if you are not resident of the neighbourhood you can only park for one hour and in the blue zone the maximum parking period is two hours. In addition, in these areas of regulated parking in Madrid you have to pay for a ticket to avoid the penalty. If you´ve left your car there unpaid for less than one hour (after your time is up), the complaint can be cancelled for an amount of four euros. Of course, if the time is longer, there will be no possibility of cancelling the fine. Because of all this, if you plan to visit the Almudena Cathedral in Madrid we recommend you book parking with Parclick. Our parking service in Madrid gives you numerous car parks located in different parts of the capital, to avoid traffic jams and, thus, make your stay in the city more peaceful. In this map we show you some car parks near the Almudena Cathedral that you can book now with Parclick:

Located in front of the Royal Palace

The Almudena Cathedral in Madrid is originally called the Santa Iglesia Catedral de Santa María la Real de la Almudena and is the head of the archdiocese religion of the capital. The construction of this temple took almost a century, between the late nineteenth and late twentieth centuries. In addition, having spent so much time under construction, it has several architectural styles, namely the neoclassical exterior, the neo-Gothic style of the interior of the cathedral and the Neo-Romantic style of its crypt. The Cathedral is located in an area of ​​tourist and cultural interest of Madrid, since right opposite is the famous Royal Palace. In addition, near it you can visit numerous points of interest, such as the Plaza de Oriente, the Royal Theatre or the Plaza Mayor. If you are going to visit the Almudena Cathedral, you can reserve your parking space in Madrid with Parclick. Using the Parclick online application you will have all the necessary guarantees to know that your car is safe while you enjoy the city.

Almudena Cathedral