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Car parks near Plaza of Toros de las Ventas

The Plaza of Toros de las Ventas in Madrid is the most important and the third largest plaza of bulls in the world. It has the capacity for almost 24,000 spectators and you can visit either during a bullfight or with a tour guide to get to know the world of bullfighting and the museum located inside.  

Each month of May, the plaza is used the most when the San Isidro Fair is held. During this time, as a celebration of the Madrileño patron on May 17th, running of the bulls takes place every day, which generates a lot of activities as a result of the event. The bars are decorated and they serve typical Madrileño dishes to people dressed in the traditional chulapos and chulapas of Madrid.

Before the great influx of people that arrive for the fair, if your objective is to go to the Ventas Plaza in May, you first need to get an entry ticket and then you will either have to stay with your car or entrust it to Parclick. In fact, parking spots in Plaza Ventas have a limited availability and during the bullfighting events, the price jumps up by 5%!

With Parclick, you can make a reservation online, which will only take about two minutes. You can choose a parking deck at a price and location that best fits your needs.

Las Ventas

Not just bulls

The Plaza of Toros de las Ventas is not solely used for the running of the bulls. Despite being the most prestigious of the events, there are also other events held in the plaza. In fact, there have been artists here like The Beatles, Alejandro Sanz, Mecano, Joaquín Sabina, David Bisbal and Rosendo, among others.

One of the most impactful type of events is the Red Bull X Fighters. It is Americanized, with hot dogs and nachos included, where specialized motocross drivers do unbelievable acrobatics and delight the public. Without a doubt, it is an eye-catching show that deserves to be seen at least once.

Finally, remember that the Plaza Ventas is located in a zone with regulated parking by SER (Servicio de Estacionamiento Regulado) and you can´t park your vehicle in the street for more than two hours. Due to this obstacle, Parclick gives you the chance to reserve a parking spot for as much time as you want and you will be assured knowing that your car will be monitored. 

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