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Where to park in Rastro

The Rastro of Madrid is found in the middle of the center of the city in the well-known La Latina neighborhood. This open-air market occupies the Ribera de Curtidores every Sunday.

Parking in the vicinity of the madrileño market is very difficult, especially on days that the stalls are put together. So, if you are thinking of coming one Sunday morning to get to know such a characteristic place, we recommend that you reserve a parking spot with Parclick.

The traffic in the center of Madrid can be pretty dense. The Madrid City Council exercises a certain control over the contaminating emissions by limiting traffic circulation or restricting traffic in some zones (Residential Priority Areas – APR) and during some times. Also, on important days when there is a habitual influx of tourists, the traffic in the capital can be heavy and complicated.

Another important factor is that Madrid has established zones of regulated parking that limit the time a vehicle can park. It should be noted that the green zone is for residents and the blue zone is destined for the rest of the vehicles. In both areas, the intent is to guarantee the mobility of the cars, which is why you can only park for a certain amount of time and you have to pay the corresponding ticket.

A visit to the Rastro of Madrid is practically mandatory, but we recommend that you reserve a parking space beforehand with Parclick. On the Parclick website, you will see the monitored car parks near the Rastro.

A small market in the Ribera de Curtidores

The Rastro of Madrid tells a story of over 400 years. The open-air market is located in La Latina, a well-known neighborhood in the historic center of the capital. In its stalls, you can buy all types of day-to-day objects as well as diverse curiosities.

The entire market stretches the length and width of the Ribera de Curtidores, a feat accomplished by the hundreds of stalls selling objects, clothes, antiques, etc. The Rastro is an obligatory visit to enjoy a day in the city and after you can go to one of the bars and terraces in the area to complete an ideal trip.

The streets bordering the market are also filled with different shops that sell specialized products. For example, there is a street known as Calle de los Pájeros where street vendors previously sold animals. Today in this street, there are a few stores that sell specialized animals. In the Calle de los Pintores, one could buy works of art and specialized artistic materials. Additionally, on the Calle del Carnero and Calle de Carlos Arniches streets, it is possible to buy all types of secondhand books and magazines.

If you are going to get to know the Rastro of Madrid one Sunday, plan your trip ahead of time and reserve your parking space with Parclick now to fully enjoy the experience.  If you enter the website, you can see all the car parks in the center of Madrid that Parclick puts at your disposal.