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    Jardines 16 - Centro Madrid

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    Atocha 70

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    EMT Jacinto Benavente

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    Homely Atocha

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    Callao Smart Parking - Gran Vía

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    Garaje Centro

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    Doctor Cortezo 10

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    Garaje Luna

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    Plaza de las Descalzas

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    Garaje Santana

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    Núñez de Balboa 52

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    Teleparking - Valet - Estación de Atocha

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Plaza de Cibeles, where the fountain with the same name is also located, is one of the most unique places in Madrid. Not only is it almost impossible to miss if you are travelling through the capital, but this place is also known for being home to the City Council and for being the place where Real Madrid fans celebrate the triumphs of their football team.

As well as the Town Hall, there are other symbolic buildings in this square that you will like to explore. One of them is the Palacio de Linares (a palace), where the Casa de América is currently located, which allows you to connect with American culture and, at the same time, get to know this historic building. Another one is the Palacio Buenavista (another palace), which you can only see from afar, because it is the army's headquarters, so even if you ask nicely they won´t let you in…the military are serious people.

But if your aim is to explore one of the most famous squares in Madrid, remember that there are usually the biggest traffic jams. So in Parclick we offer you the chance to reserve a parking space in advance in Madrid and with the opportunity to choose the price and time you want, so you will not have to worry about your car.


A terrace at height

In the Town Hall, as well as the political life, there is a place called the Galería de Cristal (Glass Gallery) where some public activities are carried out and where there is a restaurant with free access (yes that´s right, but it´s better if you book). There is also a terrace at the top of the Palacio de Comunicaciones, now called the Cybele Palace (the building where the Town Hall is), which you can go up to and have a drink while you watch Madrid from a height. Try it and feel like you´re the king of the world.

And as well as the palace don´t forget that the fabulous Parque del Retiro (a gorgeous park) is not far away, where you can go to take a break after a long day.

And do not worry about your car, because if you book with Parclick, we assure you that it will be one hundred percent guarded and that you will park before you have arrived.

Points of interest near Cibeles in Madrid

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