11 Car parks found
    1. Closer

    BSM Biomèdic

    Covered (2m)
    5 min (327m)

    BSM Wellington - Zoo

    6 min (350m)
    1. Cheaper

    Parkmestres - K+K Picasso

    Covered (2.2m)
    9 min (511m)
    Parclick price

    BSM Hospital del Mar-Barceloneta

    Covered (2.1m)
    9 min (546m)

    BSM Marina Port

    Covered (2.05m)
    11 min (643m)

    SABA BAMSA Barceloneta Centre

    Covered (2.2m)
    12 min (704m)
    1. Cheaper


    Covered (2.1m)
    12 min (731m)

    BSM Litoral Port

    Covered (2.1m)
    12 min (743m)
    Parclick price

    CC Centre de la Vila

    Covered (2m)
    13 min (787m)

    Laietana Princesa

    Covered (2m)
    15 min (921m)

    SABA Lluís Companys

    Covered (2m)
    16 min (954m)

Where to park in Zoológico de Barcelona

If you are going by car to visit Zoológico de Barcelona (Barcelona Zoo), ​​we recommend that you book your parking space in advance with Parclick. There are several car parks in this area of Barcelona, use our platform and find out what is available to you. The closest to the zoo are BSM Biomèdic and BSM Wellington - Zoo, the latter of which is open-air. Less than 8 minutes away on foot you can find BSM Hospital del Mar or BSM Marina Port car parks. In all of these car parks a NETPASS can be purchased, with which you can come and go as many times as you please in as many car parks, which are part of the BSM network, as you want. A total of 39 car parks spread throughout Barcelona. It is a good opportunity if you are visiting the city and want to move freely with your vehicle.


The Zoo in Barcelona, ​​which was the home of Copito de Nieve


One of the most important animal collections in Europe


The Barcelona Zoo has one of the most important collections of animals in Europe, and is famous for having been home of the albino gorilla "Copito de Nieve". Its location was chosen when the park buildings became available after the Universal Exhibition of Barcelona in 1988. It was opened on ‘el día de La Mercè’, festival celebrating patron saint of Barcelona, ​with the first animals arriving from the private collection that Lluís Martí i Codolar had at his farm called "La Granja Vieja", in Horta. He donated the animals to the City council of Barcelona, ​​who allowed them to move into the grounds of the Parque de la Ciudela. For years, from 1966 to 2003 to be precise, the star of the Zoo was the famous Copito de Nieve, the only known albino gorilla in existence. From the Parque de la Ciudadela, you have the best access to the Barcelona’s city centre travelling via Carrer de la Marina, from where you can reach any of the car parks mentioned above. Help yourself to Parclick's search engine to find the parking that best suits you.

Points of interest near Zoológico de Barcelona in Barcelona

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