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Villarroel Theatre

La Villarroel Theatre was founded in 1972 in an attempt to bring Catalan theatre closer to the working class of the city of Barcelona. Having said that, you can already imagine what this hall has meant in the scenic panorama of Barcelona: actors such as Ovidi Montllor, Laia Marull, Manues Galiana or Emma Vilasarau are just few names of those who have passed through the peculiar space of La Villarroel.

You may be wondering... Why is it peculiar? In addition to the great effort to promote Catalan theatre made by the artistic direction of the hall, the most striking thing is the space where the plays are performed. Two steps, one in front of the other, with a rectangular stage in the middle. This gives spectators two perspectives of the same work, making it much more original and spontaneous. Undoubtedly, the one who goes to La Villarroel, will go again, and therefore, we can do nothing but recommend parking in the district of Eixample.

If you're already thinking about going, let us give you some advice on what to do with your car. Parking in Barcelona is, in itself, a complicated task. In addition, La Villarroel is located in the Eixample area, a few metres from the Gran Vía de las Corts Catalanes, one of the city's main arteries. Luckily, at Parclick we have plenty of car parks in the centre of Barcelona to offer you, so that you can have your car in the right position and enjoy the neighbourhood before or after the show. You're welcome! ;)

La Villarroel Theatre

An author's theatre in a unique room

Above we told you about the unique space where the performances are displayed at La Villarroel, but this is not the only good thing you need to know. It has a cafeteria with direct access to the performance hall. It will be open from one hour before the start of the show until the end of the show, in case you get a little thirsty and want to have a drink while you enjoy the show (planazo).

It also has accesses and toilets adapted for people with reduced mobility. This theatre is open to everyone!

We're sorry! We have already removed all excuses for not going to the theatre. Discover Barcelona and enjoy everything you can do in the surroundings of La Villarroel Theatre before or after seeing a good play by an author, and also, without having to take the metro or the bus. Book your parking space in Barcelona with Parclick now!

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