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Poble Espanyol, also known as the Pueblo Español, is an open-air museum in Barcelona. It shows you the typical Spanish architectural styles and coves an impressive 49,000 square metres. The museum is the located at the base of the Montjuïc Mountain and was built in 1929 for the World Exhibition. If you’re planning a stroll through the streets of the Poble Espanyol, you should know that the parking situation is quite complicated. Most of the available parking spaces are monitored and regulated by the City of Barcelona, which limit how long you can be parked for and of course, you do have to pay to park there. Parking spaces are either in the green zone, which is mainly for residents, and visitors can only park there for 2 hours. Then in the other area, the blue zone where visitors are allowed to park for a maximum of 4 hours, for both residents and tourists. Now, not understanding these restrictions is a sure way to rack up a fine. But why don’t you enjoy your trip to Barcelona from the start, and be able to be parked for as long as you want? Well, Parclick lets you book your parking space in advance. On our website you’ll find lots of monitored car parks near to the Poble Espanyol. Parking in Barcelona has never been easier or better value! 

El Poble Espanyol 

Spanish Architecture all in one place

The Poble Espanyol is the fourth most visited tourist attraction in Barcelona, after the Sagrada Familia, the Aquarium and the Barcelona F.C. Museum, and throughout the year is visited by tourists from around the world, who all want to admire the 117 different buildings, which replicate Spanish architecture from across the ages, regions and cultures. Together they form a Spanish village, with beautiful parks, squares and streets. The entire museum was built in just 13 months. We think that walking through this museum is a great experience, especially if you’re not really familiar with the wide of variety of architecture in Spain - it really is a must-do as part of any trip to the Catalan Capital. As well as the fantastic structures, here you’ll also find craftsmen - such a glassblowers or potters - and the best thing is, everything is available for purchase! If you end up feeling a bit peckish, the Poble Espanyol is great too! In the village, you’ll find numerous restaurants, which all serve Spanish delicacies

To get the most out of your visit to the Poble Espanyol, Parclick recommends booking your car park in advance. So save yourself the stress on the day of looking for a parking space.

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