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Where to park in Poliorama Theatre

The Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona has been a concert hall since 1899 when it opened under the name of Cine Marti, although it soon changed its name to what it is now. The theatre is run by two major groups of Catalan comedy, Tricicle and Dagoll Dagom, aided by the theatre production company Anexa.

Currently it is dedicated mostly to comedy and the experienced producers make each feature to a high quality, so if you go you can be sure to crack a smile. If you´re into acting, Poliorama gives you the opportunity to rent a room to practice with your theatre group.

Its location on La Rambla makes access with the car impossible and looking for a nearby parking space is not an easy mission. Therefore, we recommend that you book a parking space in advance with Parclick, it will only take you two minutes online. Also, if you plan to do something later, do not worry, because you can leave your vehicle in a car park in Barcelona for however long you need thanks to our wide range of products.

The Poliorama Theatre

The centre of entertainment

This area of ​​La Rambla where the Poliorama Theatre is located has undoubtedly the most entertainment at your fingertips. It is the area where this famous street of Barcelona joins the Plaza de Cataluña. Here you can also find the Club Capitol, a place where you can laugh at the best monologues in Barcelona. On the other hand, if you like to listen to live music, the Hard Rock Café franchise has a venue in Barcelona just a few meters from these two rooms. In addition, there you can enjoy a tasty burger while your ears enjoy the music.

And if you want to link an evening of entertainment with a spectacular shopping outlet, this is also your area. Mango, Zara, Sephora, H & M, El Corte Inglés, Pull & Bear, Desigual, Nike and Decathlon are some of the places to make you get out your wallet and go home happy as Larry with bags loaded to the limit.

Do not miss the opportunity to spend a day in spectacular Barcelona and top it off by making your online reservation with Parclick. You will park before you arrive and you will be assured that your car will be well guarded in the car park near the Poliorama Theatre where you leave it.

Points of interest near Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona

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