Car parks near Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

Parking in Barcelona isn't the easiest of things to do when you're trying to relax! The city has tried to deter cars from entering it, so parking has become notoriously difficult. But there is a solution! It's Parclick! Just take a look at our map to find a car park, which suits you! 

Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

Relive the wonder of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics!

The Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium is located in the very well known area called Montjuic. Now Sants-Montjuic has loads to do and see - which is fantastic, but great things attracts more people, meaning parkings becomes harder! Parking in this area of the city can soon become difficult task, but as always, we have a solution, well not just one, but lots - we offer you loads of car parks in Barcelona, one of which will be sure to fit your requirements and budget! To reserve a low cost car park with Parclick, just go to the website where you can search for the car park which fits your criteria. Then make the reservation online, which will guarantee a great value parking space when you arrive at your destination. 

Now a bit more about the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium

It’s in a lovely area of Barcelona, at the base of the Montjuic mountain, and it played host to the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. The first sports venue built in 1929 for the International Exhibition. After this, the current Olympic Stadium underwent various remodelling processes, and in 1992, for the Olympics, it was almost completely rebuilt. As well as hosting some of the most historic football matches, such as the Cup final of the Generalissimo, between Barça and Espanyol, and ended with Barça victory. It was also Real Club Deportivo Espanyol’s stadium for several years. And UEFA has classified the Olympic Stadium of Barcelona as an elite field. So for parking near the Lluís Companys Olympic Stadium in Barcelona , go to our website to see the best and cheapest car parks in Barcelona.


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