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Car parks near La Trinitat Nova

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Where to park in La Trinitat Nova

La Trinitat Nova is one of the fourteen neighbourhoods that make up the Nou Barris district of Barcelona. This district is in the northern part of the city and from its surroundings to the centre of Barcelona it only takes about fifteen minutes.

Parking at La Trinitat Nova in Barcelona is extremely complicated. In addition to the few public parking spaces available in the city, we must add the specific situation of the district. It is an area that has narrow streets and very few parking areas. In addition, the heavy traffic in the area is increasing. The most common in terms of parking in Barcelona are the green and blue regulated parking areas. In the green area of ​​Barcelona residents who have the corresponding pass can park their vehicles without time limits. The rest of the cars can also park, but paying a ticket and for a maximum of two hours. In the blue area, however, there are no vehicle restrictions, but there are time restrictions. Here you can park for four hours, always with payment.

To avoid these parking problems, Parclick offers you a good number of car parks in the area. On the map you can see some car parks at La Trinitat Nova.

A totally remodelled area

The neighbourhood of La Trinitat Nova in Barcelona, ​​belongs to the district of Nou Barris, formed by a total of fourteen Barcelona neighbourhoods. This neighbourhood in question underwent a complete and radical remodelling in 1997. All improvement works were carried out within the framework of the URBAN plan to improve the aesthetics and functionality of the homes in the area. It must be taken into account that a large part of the constructions of La Trinitat Nova suffered from aluminosis, a cement disease that can be very harmful to human health. For this reason, new public housing was created and they started to create green zones. In 1999 the Barcelona metro reached the neighbourhood, making it much more accessible than it was before. At present, La Trinitat Nova is home to some 7,500 inhabitants.

Parking at La Trinitat Nova can be easy if you trust Parclick and the guarded car parks that you can find in our app. Book parking with Parclick to enjoy your stay in Barcelona.

La Trinitat Nova