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No matter if you visit Barcelona for a couple of days or you are living in the city and want to have a good time with your friends - the Maremágnum Shopping Centre is definitely worth a trip! Here you can find something for every taste, occasion and budget.

Unfortunately, parking in the touristic areas of Barcelona can be quite a challenge, especially due to the shortage of parking spaces that are free of charge. Safe yourself some time and trouble by booking a reasonably-priced parking space with Parclick in advance!

Our recommendation: have a look at the car park BSM Moll de la Fusta. From here you can easily walk to the shopping mall within 8 minutes, explore the city centre or have a great time at the Barceloneta Beach!


The Maremagnum Shopping Centre

An ideal location for shopping, sightseeing and food lovers


The Maremágnum Shopping Centre is nearly completely surrounded by water. You can get there by crossing the Rambla de Mar, a wooden lifting bridge that opens every 10 minutes in order to let boats leave Port Vell. It’s definitely worth taking a picture of this remarkable scene. If you are in a hurry and want to avoid the touristic Rambla de Mar, the access in between the junction of the Barceloneta and El Born neighborhoods may be the better option for you.

Once you arrive at the Maremágnum Shopping Centre, take a minute to have a look at the remarkable building itself with the arced roof and mirrored walls that tend to have a blue glow due to the reflection of the water. In this three-story building, you can find everything you need starting from clothing, shoes, jewellery and cosmetics to homeware, electronics and toys. From H&M to Lacoste - there is something for every taste! If you are not that much into shopping or exhausted and in need for a break from all the different impressions and choices, don’t hesitate to let the elevator take you to the terrace on the 3rd floor. Here you can enjoy the beautiful view over the historical Port Vell and the skyline of Barcelona in one of Maremágnum’s magnificent restaurants or cafes, while listening to a flamenco or jazz concert.

Are you rather keen to improve your Spanish skills? Then take your chance and go straight to the 8 screen “Cinesa” cinema where you can watch various recent movies in Spanish.

Apart from this, Maremágnum’s ideal location close to the Port Vell allows you to relax on the wooden boardwalk while watching the boats and cruise liner passing by, visit the Barcelona Aquarium, explore the area of Barceloneta or to fully dedicate yourself to an extended shopping tour. And don’t worry about opening hours – the shops won’t close before 10 p.m., even on Sundays, and the restaurants are opened at least until midnight. Stay until the evening and enjoy the beautiful and romantic sunset at Port Vell!

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Points of interest near Shopping Centre Maremágnum in Barcelona

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