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Where to park in Teatre Goya

The Teatre Goya was founded in 1914 in Barcelona, but it was not until 1916 that this theatre started displaying its theatrical shows. It is located in the calle Joaquín Costa, which is very close to the zona universitaria of Barcelona.

For this reason, parking in the area of Les Corts is really difficult, due to the presence of a large number of students all year round as it is in this area that you will find the most important student campus. In this neighbourhood, as in almost all of the Ciudad Condal, there are regulated parking zones. On the one hand, there is the green zone, which prioritizes parking to residents' vehicles. The rest of the vehicles will only be able to park for 1 or 2 hours. On the other hand, there is the blue zone. In this area you can park all types of vehicles for a maximum of 4 hours, paying more or less depending on whether the area is in high demand.

However, do not worry about it, we are going to offer you a good and cheap alternative for parking. If you don’t want to have to improvise and wish to have your place before arriving at the Teatre Goya, book it here, on Parclick. You can find the perfect parking space on both our web page and mobile application, which will not take more than a few minutes! On our map, we show you all the available car parks near the Teatre Goya.

Perfect for “escaping”

As we mentioned previously, this theatre is slightly more than 100 years old. During this time, it has also been the headquarters of the Aragonese Centre of Barcelona. A lot of celebrities like Paco Morán, María Jesús Valdés, Carmen Machi and many more have passed through the Goya.

However, this theatre also had its ups and downs. In 2004, it had to close down and almost didn't open its doors again. Today, the Teatre Goya offers you its own creative shows, most of which are in Catalan. 

In addition, it offers a renting service, in case you need a large space for a meeting, recording or conference.

One of the advantages of attending Goya is that you can always go out for a drink at a nearby bar or enjoy a good walk around Plaza Cataluña or even reach Las Ramblas.

If you don't want to miss the next functions, don't hesitate to book your place at Parclick in a fully guarded car park. It only takes a few minutes and you can have your place secured before you arrive!

Teatre Goya