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The beautiful Parque de la Ciudadela is located in the heart of Barcelona’s historic centre, ​​in the Ciutat Vella and in the eastern part of the famous Gothic Quarter. This huge park covers approximately 17 hectares and is an ideal place to escape the city for a while. But, there’s a small catch, something that isn’t so peaceful - finding somewhere to park.

The centre of the Catalan capital certainly does lack parking spaces. Plus, a lot of the area isn’t even accessible as it’s been made into pedestrian only areas. The few on street parking spaces that you’ll find fall into one of two zones. Zones?! You shriek? Okay, maybe you’re not shrieking ;) But it’s true, on street parking in Barcelona is divided into either the green or the blue zone. The bad news is, is that in the green zone you can only park for a measly 2 hours… and in the blue zone, it doesn’t get much better, you can park there for a maximum of 4 hours

Parclick offers car parks around Ciudadela Park, so you can enjoy your day in the park’s greenery from the very start without having to stress out about parking in the Catalan capital. Take a look at our interactive map to find a car park that suits you! Park where you want for however long you want. 


The Parque de la Ciudadela in Barcelona

A Nature lover’s paradise in the middle of the Catalan capital

The Parque de la Ciudadela was built in 1888 for the World's Fair, which Barcelona was then hosting. Although he was not the sole architect of the park, which you can probably guess if you’ve ever seen a picture of this place, yeah! That’s right, Antonio Gaudí was amongst one the designers of this natural wonderland, and more specifically the ‘Cascada’ waterfall.

The Ciutat Vella was chosen to host this beautiful park, but the space that the park occupies does have a bit of history to it. Once upon a time, there was a military fortress here, called the Citadel, and it was built by Bourbon King Filipe V way back in 1714. 

But now the park couldn’t be further from anything to do with the military, now this wonderful park has a lake, the spectacular Castle of the Three Dragons, a museum and the Barcelona Zoo. So, there’s plenty going on here.

So make sure that you get your day off to a great start at the Parque de la Ciudadela, knowing that you car is parked with no risk of a fine. 

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