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Car parks near The Barcelona Natural Sciences Museum

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    BSM Plaça Fòrum

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  • BSM García Fària

    BSM García Fària

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Where to park in The Barcelona Natural Sciences Museum

This Museum of Natural Sciences in Barcelona really is something to be missed on any trip to Barcelona, especially when you’re with the little ones.. educational and fun, sounds like a joke, right? But here’s where it all happens ;) The Museum hosts both temporary and permanent exhibitions, all showing the natural wonder of our planet. 

Now, this museum is located on the Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, and is easily accessed from the L4 metro line, getting off at the Maresme-Forum station, numerous bus lines (43, H16, 7, 36, 99, B23) and the T4 Tram, which stops at the Forum stop. This also makes it perfect for when you need to rush off to check out the Sagrada Familia and the Boqueria Market too! 

Now the museum doesn’t have its own car park, meaning that it’s up to other businesses to decide on however much they want to charge, and you have to look for them when you’re there - thinking about just parking on the street? Well be wary, Barcelona’s car parks are divided into the green and blue zones, the green being just for residents and the blue zone has a maximum parking time of 4 hours - nowhere near enough time to enjoy the Museum. Now, there is always the Parclick option, where you can decide to park exactly where you want, for the price that you want, and perhaps the most important factor - when there’s just so much to see - is you can park for the exact amount of time that you want - pretty cool right? #Parclickrocks 

Discover the world's past, present and future 

Or the Museu de Ciències Naturals de Barcelona if you’re wanting to try out your Catalan ;) It has different venues, the Botanical Gardens in Montjuic, the Laboratory of Nature and the Martorell Museum in the Parc de la Ciutadella, as well as the the Blau Museum (on the Plaça Leonardo da Vinci, with the public transport directions, which we’ve already mentioned). 

The Blau Museum gives a tour which gives a journey of the evolution of Planet Earth, as well as everything living on it. From the Big Bang to the questions posed by the greatest of scientists like Copernicus, Hutton and Darwin. Now, even if you don’t consider yourself a huge science nut, it’s hard not to be impressed, especially by the fantastic audiovisuals. The permanent exhibitions are ‘Biography of the Earth’ and ‘Earth Today’, which is by far the largest and showcases a journey through the animals, vegetation, minerals and fungi on Earth. As well as temporary exhibitions, which are constantly being updated. Plus, in each section there is a display with pieces that visitors may examine - so it’s great to get hands on! The Museum also offers free activities for children, where they can get interactive with science, and is no problem for those who don’t speak Catalan, as each child has to be accompanied by a relative. 

The Museum has great captivating activities for all age groups - especially the little ones. As well as having lots of areas to sit and watch the projections and read the descriptions, making it a great activity for those who find standing for long periods of time difficult. Plus two chill out zones so you can really, well, chill out! 

The Museum is also located close to the sea and to the Barcelona Bosc Urbà, a fantastic high rope course, which is suitable for all the family - granted you’re not afraid of heights ;) !

It’s great value, and it’s a great addition to any trip to Barcelona. 


The Barcelona Natural Sciences Museum