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Mesmerizing since 1929!

Fuente Mágica de Montjuic

The Fuente Mágica (the Magic Fountain), also known as the Montjuic Fountain is huge and as its names may suggest it is indeed pretty magical and it’s located in the Sants-Monjuic district of Barcelona. Now parking in this area is divided into two zones - the blue and the green zone - the latter being just for residents, and of course it’s not free, but the prices vary person to person - so not understanding this is an easy way to get a fine! If you’re planning to visit a particular highlight of Barcelona, and let’s face it… who wouldn't want to! You’ll need to bare in mind that traffic and the parking situation near these monuments can be tricky and stressful. But at Parclick we have the perfect solution… well lots of different solutions for you! On our website, you'll find loads of different car parks, so you're bound to find one which will be perfect for you

If you're planning to visit this magical fountain and experience its fascinating nightly water show with impressive lighting and music, we highly recommend booking a parking space in advance. So you can avoid the stressful hunt for a space on the day. On the map, you'll be able to see all the parking facilities near the Magic Fountain of Montjuic. The fountain was constructed for the Barcelona World Exposition in 1929. It’s a very impressive fountain, which combines art, music, the movement of the water and colour. It’s located on the road which goes from the Palacio Nacional to the Plaza de España. Along the entire road you can find a series of ponds, waterfalls and fountains - all making for a very wonderful walk! It was designed by architect Charles Buïgas and the fountains were restored for the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, and since 2013 have been were the famous Fiesta de las Campanadas (the NYE party!!) takes place. So it’s definitely worth a visit! But don't make your day out in Barcelona harder than it has to be, book your parking space now! 


Montjuic Magic Fountain