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Barcelona's Zona Universitaria is part of the Les Corts district. This district consists of a total of ten districts, including the Zona Universitaria, and is one of the quietest and most beautiful parts of the Catalan capital. Parking in this area can be quite complicated, due to the general lack of spaces! Almost all of Barcelona falls into either the green or the blue zone. The green zone is mainly intended for residents. Now, you can park here but for a maximum of 2 hours. Then in the blue zone, residents and visitors can park for a maximum of 4 hours. So, it’s lots of regulations, different zones and even different prices, meaning that the easiest way to park in Barcelona, is by booking your parking space with Parclick! Find the best car park at the best price in Barcelona’s Zona Universitaria. 

The Zona Universitaria in Barcelona

A neighbourhood full of students

This area borders both sides of Avenida Diagonal of Barcelona and, as you may have guessed from its name, is full of students! It’s home to Barcelona's largest university campus. So, parts look like they’ve just come straight out of a prospectus!

The area is also very well known for its beautiful gardens and parks, such as the famous Pedralbes Gardens and the Park of Cervantes, which are definitely worth visiting! Plus, within the Pedraldes Gardens, you can see the 17th century Palau Reial de Pedralbes (Royal Palace of Pedralbes). The building has been the headquarters of the General Secretariat of the Mediterranean Union since 2009 and also houses two museums. If you want to get to know the university district of Barcelona and enjoy its unique surroundings, book a parking space in this area with Parclick in advance. You’ll be sure to save money, as well as loads of time, so you can spend your time doing what you want to do in Barcelona. Anyone up for checking out the Sagrada Familia? ;) 

Get your day off to a great start and book your parking with Parclick! 

Points of interest near Zona Universitaria in Barcelona

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