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Where to park in Razzmatazz

Razzmatazz is a well-known concert hall and nightclub in Barcelona, on Calle Pamplona in the district of San Martin.

Parking near Razzmatazz can be a pretty difficult task, especially if there’s more than one concert on. This can only mean one thing, lots of cars, all needing somewhere to park, so Parclick highly recommends booking your parking in advance. On our website, you’ll be able to find loads of car parks near the Razzmatazz concert hall to suit all budgets and requirements, so you can park your car and go and enjoy the best music in town

We think it’s fair to say that parking in Barcelona isn’t the most relaxing of activities. Parking on the street is complicated, as a space will fall into one of two parking zones. The blue zone allows parking for a maximum of 4 hours for both residents and visitors, whilst the green zone allows parking for only 2 hours for visitors - nowhere near enough time for a great night out! So, the best option is to reserve a space in a low-cost car park close to where you want to be. Take a look at all of the car parks, there’s bound to be one that’ll fit your requirements and budget. 

Feel the music 

You may be wondering how this club in Barcelona got its name - well also known as Razz, it owes its name to a song by the British band Pulp

It has many rooms, where you can enjoy a wide range of musical genres - however alternative rock, indie and electronic music are the most popular at this Catalan club. 

Razzmatazz first opened its doors in 2000 to dismiss a claim that it’d been deserted. The club has three rooms of different sizes and seating capacities. Tickets for concerts at Razz are available online via different sales websites. Plus, it’s worth knowing that the closest metro station is Bogatell, which serves line 4. So it's a great place to be before you go off to explore the Port or the Olympic Village perhaps! 

If you’re going to a concert at Razz then don’t hesitate to book your parking space in advance, you wouldn’t turn up on Razz’s door expecting there to be a great value ticket for the concert for you, would you? So why do it with your parking space? Book with Parclick for a great value parking space, just for you (;