Car parks near Sants-Badal Neighbourhood

5 Car parks found
    1. Closer

    Parking Viajeros

    Covered (2.1m)
    4 min (265m)
    Parclick price 1 day
    8 €

    Mercat Sants

    Covered (2.2m)
    7 min (409m)
    Price for 1 hour

    Riera Blanca

    Covered (1.8m)
    9 min (536m)
    Parclick price 1 hour
    1. Cheaper

    Avenida Madrid - Les Corts

    Covered (2.1m)
    13 min (765m)
    Parclick price 1 hour

    Ronda Park

    Covered (2.5m)
    16 min (931m)
    Price for 1 day

Where to park in Sants-Badal Neighbourhood

The Sants-Badal neighbourhood of Barcelona belongs to the Sants - Montjuïc district of the city. It is the southern district of the city, where the parking situation is tricky, since here there are many touristic points of interest in Barcelona.

The influx of cars in this area of ​​the city makes parking a little complicated, which is regulated by the blue and green parking areas. In these areas you can only park for a specific period of time and pay the corresponding rate through the parking meters that are dotted around the streets of the neighbourhood.

Parking in the Sants-Badal neighbourhood of Barcelona would be easier if you choose to leave your vehicle in a guarded car park. For this, the neighbourhood has numerous secure parking spaces where you can park. On the map you can see some car parks located in the neighbourhood of Sants-Badal.

Neighbourhood of Sants-Badal

Sants – Montjuïc district of Barcelona

The Sants-Badal neighbourhood of Barcelona was formerly part of the famous Sants neighbourhood, but after the territorial division that took place in the city it became a neighbourhood with its own name which stands out in Barcelona for its commercial life. It is linked to Hospitalet de Llobregat by Riera Blanca street and its name is due to the ravine that crosses this Barcelona neighbourhood from one end to the other (the Rambla de Badal).

In this neighbourhood of Barcelona, ​​leisure and fun are totally guaranteed. Many of Barcelona's most famous restaurants are located within the perimeter of the neighbourhood.

Visiting the Sants-Badal neighbourhood is a great idea if you´re planning to travel to Barcelona. To walk peacefully along its well-known commercial streets, you can book parking with Parclick online.

Points of interest near Sants-Badal Neighbourhood in Barcelona

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