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The Arco del Triunfo was built in 1888 as part of the World Exhibition which was held in Barcelona. It’s in the Ciutat Vella area of the city, near the northern entrance to the Park de la Ciutadella. This area is absolutely buzzing with tourists! All meandering through the arch, which is built from Medieval red bricks - so surely you can imagine how difficult parking in the Ciutat Vella can be! If you’re lucky enough to find one of the few available parking spaces, there are many areas of Barcelona where parking is limited, and super pricey! This is all done, so everything in the city flows easily, within the green zone parking is limited to 2 hours, and to 4 hours in the blue. Plus residents are allowed to park in certain areas for less… so it’s a recipe for amassing fines if you’re new to the city. Now, this is where we step in!

With Parclick, you can avoid all the hassle by simply booking your parking space in advance. On our website, you'll be able to find loads of secure car parks in Barcelona, guaranteeing a relaxing start to your journey. Thanks to Parclick, parking in the Catalan capital has never been so easy and such great value for money!

The Arco del Triunfo in Barcelona

Entrance to the 1888 World Exhibition

Entrance to the World Exposition in 1888, the 30 metre high Arch served as the gateway to the exhibition. It was designed by architect Josep Vilaseca i Casanocas in the new Moorish style is at the end of the famous Paseo Lluís Companys which leads on to the Park de la Citadels. The Moorish style was in contrast to the already widely used architectural styles in Barcelona, like the gothic and modern architecture in the Eixample area of the city. The arch is also richly decorated, like the stone bats which symbolise the reign of King Jaume I (1213 - 1276). But nowadays, the Arch is used in some of the world’s most famous sporting events, like the Barcelona Marathon and festivals regularly take place around the monument too. 

During your stay in Barcelona, the Arco del Triunfo is a must-see! Don’t let parking issues ruin your trip to the Catalan capital, reserve your parking space with Parclick now!

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