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Car parks near Père Lachaisse Cemetery

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Where to park in Père Lachaisse Cemetery

This is the largest cemetery and Paris covering over 110 acres. Located in the 20th arrondissement and being the final resting place to some of the world’s most well-known figures, it’s the world’s most visited cemetery so it’s no surprise that parking near here isn’t the easiest. The amount of people, as well as Paris’ 2-hour parking limit don’t make finding somewhere to park the most serene experience. But before you despair, there is another option to park near this beautiful cemetery - with Parclick you can book your parking space in advance, picking both where you want to be parked and for how long, pretty great, right?

This is a beautiful and peaceful place in the French capital. Come and pay your respects to the likes of Oscar Wilde, Edith Piaf, Chopin and Jim Morrison to name a few. It was opened in 1804 and soon became a popular place to be buried after the remains of Jean de la Fontaine and Molière were transferred to the site. This lead to a huge popularity boost, and soon meant the creation of some truly incredible tombs. 

Entry is free, and we have some advice for you if you’re planning on arriving by public transport. You have two options of metro stops, for the cemetery’s main entrance you should get off at the Philippe Auguste (line 2), but what is most preferred is to get off at the Gambetta Station (line 3), where you’ll be close to Oscar Wilde’s tomb before walking downhill to visit the rest of the cemetery. Another top tip would be to take a map with you, as some of the graves are hard to find, and the maps are only posted at the entrances. Alternatively, you can just take a picture of the map at the entrance, and you’ll be good to go! 

Tours are also available, but you should really book in advance before your visit. So this is the perfect place to come and pay your respects to some of the greats, see impressive graves of those who wanted to never be forgotten, and reflect. 

After the cemetry, how about seeing the Eiffel Tower or seeing the spectacular Sacré Coeur?

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Père Lachaisse Cemetery