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    SAEMES Hôtel de Ville - Paris

    Covered (1.8m)
    4 min (247m)

    INDIGO Lutèce-Cité

    Covered (1.9m)
    5 min (278m)

    SAEMES Rivoli-Sébastopol

    Covered (1.85m)
    7 min (423m)

    INDIGO Harlay Pont Neuf

    Covered (1.9m)
    7 min (444m)


    Covered (1.9m)
    7 min (445m)
    Parclick price

    INDIGO Pont Marie

    Covered (1.9m)
    8 min (453m)

    SAEMES Lagrange-Maubert

    Covered (1.85m)
    8 min (472m)

    INDIGO Place Saint-Michel

    Covered (1.9m)
    9 min (529m)

    SAEMES Maubert Collège des Bernardins

    Covered (1.85m)
    10 min (594m)

    INDIGO Sébastopol

    Covered (1.9m)
    11 min (636m)

    Centre Pompidou

    Covered (1.9m)
    13 min (761m)

    SAEMES École de Médecine

    Covered (1.9m)
    13 min (768m)
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    SAEMES Les Halles - Saint-Eustache

    Covered (1.85m)
    13 min (775m)

    INDIGO Beaubourg Horloge

    Covered (1.9m)
    13 min (809m)

    INDIGO - Louvre Samaritaine

    Covered (1.9m)
    14 min (866m)

    Forum des Halles - Berger

    Covered (1.9m)
    16 min (975m)

    Forum des Halles-Rambuteau

    Covered (1.9m)
    17 min (991m)

Where to park in The Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital

Next to the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral you will find the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital. Do you need to have an operation or do an exam at the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital, located on the Ile de la Cité, in the 4th arrondissement of Paris? Are you staying at the hospital for a few nights or visiting  someone close to you? Make life easier for yourself and reserve your parking space near the Hôtel-Dieu or in a nearby car park.


How do I get to the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital?

How to get to the hospital by bus: 

To get to the 4th arrondissement by car and park around the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, we advise you to look at our car parks in the Latin Quarter of Paris to reserve a space and come on foot. Parclick offers you the best parking spaces at the best prices, so don't hesitate!


Getting to the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital by metro:

  • L4: Get off at Cité station, the closest to the cathedral or at Saint-Michel station.

  • L10: Get off at Cluny-Sorbonne Station.

  • L11: Get off at Hôtel de Ville Station and walk down the Pont d'Arcole


Getting to Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital by RER Train:

  • Saint-Michel Notre-Dame station with the RER B and C trains


Going to the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital by bus

  • Lines 21, 38, 47, 85, 96 and from the Cité - Palais de Justice judgment

  • Line 47, Balabus from the Cité - Parvis de Notre-Dame stop


Going to the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital by vélib city bicycle:

There are vélib stations all over Paris!

To park close to the Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital, Parclick helps you to reserve your parking space online, at the best prices!

Points of interest near The Hôtel-Dieu AP-HP Hospital in Paris

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