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Where to park in Palais des Glaces

If your next stop is at the Palais des Glaces, it would be wise to reserve your parking space beforehand. Indeed, it is a delicate task to park near this famous Parisian theatre: it is located on rue Faubourg-du-Temple, where you can also find an abundance of cafes, restaurants and hotels. The Palais des Glaces is also very closely situated the canal Saint-Martin and the Place de la République, which are perfect for walking around, to feel like a true Parisian.

Basically, unlike the Sahara Desert, you’ll find it is a very busy location.

If you don’t want to turn around in circles for hours before actually finding a parking space, which we fully understand, the best would be to reserve your car park near the Palais des Glaces. And guess what? With Parclick everything is possible: you can choose your car park amongst those we propose to you, and of course enjoy the best prices. Say goodbye to all your painful past experiences and all hail cheap parking with Parclick!

The Palais des Glaces

An auditorium of the 10th arrondissement in Paris

The Palais des Glaces was launched in 1876 and is located at 37 rue du Faubourg-du-Temple. This theatre of the 10th arrondissement has two auditoriums: the grande sale (almost 500 places) and the Petit Palais des Glaces (80 places). It essentially hosts contemporary plays and one-man shows.

It is near several other theatres, such as the Apollo theatre, Déiazet theatre and le République… and many other auditoriums are located on or around the area of la Place de la République. If you’re counting on spending a night at the Palais des Glaces, but you do not want to arrive two hours before to find a parking space (who would?), we recommend you reserve your parking space :) With Parclick, guaranteeing your parking space is within the reach of a click!

Points of interest near Palais des Glaces in Paris

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