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Car parks near Gare Saint-Lazare

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Where to park in Gare Saint-Lazare

Do you need to catch a train from Gare Saint-Lazare but you don’t know where to leave your car? Parclick can offer you cheap parking in the 8th arrondissment.

Gare Saint-Lazare is one of the six big train stations in Paris, and it serves the north-west area of France, in particular Normandy.

This station is woven into the urban fabric, thanks to its excellent links with both the metro and bus services. Booking a car park near Gare Saint-Lazare, is the best option if you want to save time.

On Parclick you will find a range of car parks near Saint-Lazare station, all less than 15 minutes walk from Rue d’Amsterdam, where you will find the main entrance to the station. You can book online, thus guaranteeing yourself a parking space in Paris, in the following car parks:

  • Pigalles Théâtre; this is the closest car park to Gare Saint-Lazare. It sits on Rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle, it is open and under surveillance 24 hours a day. From here you take Rue de la Trinitè, Rue de Clichy and Rue d’Athènes, to get to the station.
  • Garage Mansart; this car park on Rue Mansart has three advantages; it is under surveillance, it has easy disabled access and has spaces for vans. You can work your way through the backstreets to the station or, if you think you may get lost, take Rue Blanche towards Place d’Estienne d’Orves and then take Rue de Londres or Rue Saint-Lazare and just a little further on is Rue d’Amsterdam.
  • Opéra-Meyerbeer; this car park is open and under surveillance 24 hours a day and, like Garage Mansart, has disable access. Follow Rue de la Chaussée towards Place d’Estienne d’Orves to reach the station. Your car will be completely safe.
  • Rédélé Place de Clichy and Clichy Montmartre are both located near Place de Clichy; although they are a little further away than the others, they have a nice direct route; from the Place de Clichy you just follow Rue d’Amsterdam and it will take you straight to Saint-Lazare. Both are open and under surveillance 24 hours a day, while Rédélé permits a variety of vehicles.



Paris’ secondary railway station


Gare Saint-Lazare is the second largest station in Paris by the number of passengers it processes, at around 100 million a year. Since 1984 it has also been categorised as a historical monument. The station is found between Rue Saint-Lazare, Rue de Rome and Rue d’Amsterdam, where the main entrance is. It is also easy to get there from Boulevard Haussmann and Place de Clichy.

Lines 3, 12, 13, 14 and 9 (from Saint Augustin) of the metro arrive directly to the station as well as line E of the RER (Haussmann Saint-Lazare station). It is just 10 minutes walk from Auber station (line A). In the surrounding area you can also find the Palais Garnier, l’Olympia and Boulevard Haussmann, all within about 10 minutes walk.

Are you catching a train? Book a car park near Gare Saint-Lazare with Parclick! It will only take you a minute or two and your parking space will be guaranteed. There is no time to lose, have a look at the prices of our car parks in Paris, near Gare Saint-Lazare and save yourself some time and money!

Gare Saint-Lazare