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Where to park in Palais des Sports

Are you looking for parking near the Palais des Sports in Paris? Well looks like you’ve found it! Parclick offers several great value car parks near the Dome of Paris - Palais des Sports.

The Palais des Sports is an enormous theatre, which can accommodate more than 4000 people at its events, and we use the term events broadly: these can be concerts as well as boxing matches, plays…the works! Going by car? No problem! Parclick offers several car parks near the Palais des Sports. Plus thanks to Paris’ excellent public transportation system and to the main roads nearby - Boulevard Périphérique and boulevards des Maréchaux - the Dôme de Paris is very easy to reach. Park just a few minutes away from the Palais des Sports or a tram station with Parclick! 

Theatre at the Porte de Versailles

The Palais des Sports, or the Dôme de Paris, is a gigantic theatre located on the Place de la Porte de Versailles, close to Paris Expo, the famous exhibition centre in the south of the capital. The Palais des Sports is made up of a gigantic dome: made up of 1100 aluminium panels - making it super light! The Palais des Sports showroom can accommodate up to 4600 people and plays host to both French and international artists as well as circuses, musical performances (including Notre-Dame de Paris) or sports competitions (like boxing, roller-skating and wrestling). Plus it’s where the election of Miss Europe, the Vivendi Convention and the Zapping night take place.

The Palais des Sports in Paris is located on the Place de la Porte de Versailles, next to the Paris Expo exhibition centre. Both are very easy to reach from the Boulevard Périphérique or the Boulevards des Maréchaux, as well as the Avenue Ernest-Renan and Rue de Vaugirard. Le Dôme de Paris is also close to the Paris' Aquaboulevard (about a 10-minute walk away). Finally, it’s super well connected to the public transportation system - trams, buses and the metro. The Porte de Versailles station is serves metro line 12 and the tram lines T2 and T3a. So you can reach the centre quickly and easily, why not see a show then watch the Eiffel tower glisten at night? Pretty cool, right?

If you are going to an event at the Dôme de Paris, whether it's a show, a concert or a sports competition, Parclick recommends booking your space in advance - park with Parclick for as long as you want, where you want!

Palais des Sports