Car parks near Can Pineda

6 Car parks found
    1. Closer

    COPARK Glorias

    Covered (2m)
    5 min (302m)
    Price for 1 day

    BSM Ona Glòries

    Covered (2.2m)
    9 min (512m)
    Price for 1 day

    BSM Rambla Poblenou

    Covered (2m)
    10 min (578m)
    Parclick price 1 day

    BSM Badajoz

    Covered (2.2m)
    11 min (680m)
    Price for 1 day

    APK2 Melià Sky

    Covered (2.1m)
    12 min (692m)
    Parclick price 1 day
    28 €
    1. Cheaper

    Garaje Mallorca Murcia - Sagrera

    Covered (2.15m)
    13 min (761m)
    Parclick price 3 hours

Where to park in Can Pineda

The Can Pineda restaurant can be found in the neighbourhood of El Clot in Barcelona, in the district of Sant Martí. This is an ancient restaurant, that opened at the start of the 20th century (1904). In this place you will taste delicious food, with dishes prepared only with fresh products from the market. If we can recommend one of their specialities that you can check out on their menu, you should definitely order the rice with cuttlefish, which also comes with mushrooms and lobster (arroz con sepia, setas and bogavante).

Trust us, this is a pure delight ;)

To make the most of the Can Pineda experience, it is best not to have any distractions…. It would be a shame to spend the meal feeling under pressure, by fear of going over the park meter.  No panic, luckily for you, we have the perfect solution where there will be no need for you to eat in a rush: book your parking space in Barcelona.

Since you have arrived this far, why not book now your parking space near the Can Pineda in Barcelona and enjoy your exquisite meal stress-free!

Can Pineda

An ideal neighbourhood for a digestive stroll

If you are the type of person who likes to end your meal with a digestive stroll (which of course, is not everyone’s piece of cake) then you are ideally positioned!

You have several options that you can choose from:

  • You can go for a walk in the Parc del Clot, where you will enjoy the lovely landscapes of the canal.
  • You can go to the Plaça de les GIòries Catalanes, which is an important link of the city, where there are the Gardens del Bosquets dels Encants.

After having completely digested your meal, all you might want to do is stop the walking and get behind the steering wheel. If so, go to the car park to pick up your car and leave in a blink of an eye! Book your place in a cheap car park near the Can Pineda restaurant and enjoy eating an unforgettable meal in one of the best restaurants of Barcelona!

Points of interest near Can Pineda in Barcelona

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