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Moving around and parking in Paris is already complicated at the best of times, even more so since the appearance of a ZCR in Paris in January 2017. If the pollution reaches a certain level in the capital, things can become more complicated. Parclick explains what changes and how to park in Paris: how to get around, and where to find a car park in Paris.

One thing is for certain: if there is a peak in the pollution it may be wise to park outside Paris, and get to the capital using public transport. This is the easiest way to park in Paris without causing yourself any problems. Parclick offers several car parks that will help you park near Paris for less without having to undergo the restrictive traffic conditions of the capital.


But what actually changes in the event of a peak in pollution in Paris?


Among the measures taken by the Préfecture de Police, in the event of a peak in pollution, is a revision of the speed limit in the area, 20% ​​lower than the usual speed. Consequently:

110 km / h on motorways typically allowing speeds of 130 km / h

90 km / h on portions of motorways and motorways where the speed limit is usually 110 km / h

70 km / h for restricted lanes generally at 90 km / h;

60 km / h on the Périphérique.

It goes without saying that this decrease in the speed limit is accompanied by an increase in police checks. So don’t try to cheat the system!


In the event of a peak in pollution, residents can park free of charge in their area of ​​residence. How does it work? The subscription is extended by a day, or for as many days as the peak in pollution lasts, at no additional cost to the user; moreover, the ticket taken from the parking meter will be free. This encourages Parisians to use public transport, reduce congestion and reduce air pollution.

Please note: this only applies to residents who park in the area assigned to them, that is, near their place of residence. For those travelling around Paris, it will be even more difficult to park on the road. So you will probably need to use a car park ... or even better, reserve your parking space to be certain you won’t have any unpleasant surprises.

In the interest of encouraging residents to use alternative means of transport, a Vélib' (municipal bicycle) day pass will be free. In case you would prefer to use an Autolib' - self-service electric cars - the first hour is free.


Finally, the Préfecture de Police can set up an alternating traffic system in Paris, allowing only vehicles with an even or odd number plate to drive.


In addition to the measures mentioned above, residents and drivers must avoid activities considered as polluting, such as having open fires, as well as activities that could damage your health (especially outdoor sports). To find out more about the parking conditions in case of a peak in pollution in Paris, we recommend you visit the official website of the city of Paris. And if you need to park in Paris, do not forget that you can easily park with Parclick by booking your parking space through us!


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